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Software may reconstruct DNA of extinct animals

Every once in a while mad scientists get their hands on a tool that makes their lives just that much easier.
And I for one believe that making the life of a mad scientist easier is against the interests of all the people of the world and should not be permitted.
And I know that the potential for anyone to become a mad scientist is pretty high.
All you need is an old castle, a kite, and electrical storm, a few dozen beakers, food coloring boiling water and a corpse.
Luckily what keep most scientists on the up-n-up is just old fashion, money, prestige and admiration from their envious, resentful, two-faced colleges just like everyone else.
However what disturbs me is how easy it is to tip the balance. Every single day at some college or university somewhere on the earth there is a scientist being kicked off of campus for one reason or another, maybe he just lost his funding for his research, or he got caught stealing a corpse from the morgue or he liked to play with the lab rats a little too much, whatever may be the case, there is that guy who is walking out to his car with all of his life work crumpled up in his arms who now has bone to pick with all of his doubters. He has a bone to pick with all of the people that justifiably questioned his sanity and if he can find a place in some abandoned industrial park district to continue his experiments he will have us all regretting the day we ever laughed at him and told him his dreams of creating an army of giant cyborg genie pigs would never work.
One of the challenges of writing this site is to always look for new and interesting ways of saying the same damn thing.
I think I just did it again.
People listen.
US researchers have in their possession a computer program which can reconstruct the genetic sequences of long extinct animals.
The discovery is creating huge excitement among those who study evolution, as well as those that would like nothing more than to market and sell a pet Megalosaurus.
The hope is that one day this will lead them to being able to create the actual DNA of extinct life forms.
I was pretty sure that I’ve already seen that movie.

same difference
'brain' in a dish flies flight simulator
Mad scientists are the shit. I want one for Christmas.

sarin, the fragrance of nazi was discovered accidentally
I know Tom Brokaw called the World War II generation the greatest generation but even he must admit there were a lot of sick son-of-a-bitches in that graduating class.

Source: BBC

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