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College Professor MAY Lose Job Over 911 Comments

What has happened to us?
I can understand it if Volkswagen doesn’t want a controversial opinion associated with their product, but I thought a institution of higher learning, research, ideas and debate couldn’t care less if an opinion was controversial, only if it can be supported by substantiated fact.
Now the use of facts doesn’t necessary mean that they always prove your opinion, but they can make a sound basis for the premises of the argument you are offering.
Whether or not this University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill had facts that he based his opinion on isn’t debatable, whether or not they supported his opinion is.
University of Colorado administrators Thursday took the first steps toward a possible dismissal of a professor for saying “the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks were a response to a history of American abuses abroad, particularly against indigenous peoples.”
Well that statement is an interesting one, and I can see how someone could make a case for his opinion, and certainly it isn’t any more or any less legitimate than Dubya’s take that “the attacks were a response to our freedom” but today we live in a world where one of those statements is going to get your fired, the other is going to get you elected to the highest office in the land.
The Colorado state Senate passed a resolution denouncing Churchill's comments as "evil and inflammatory" earlier that same day.
The Governor of Colorado has also asked that the professor be removed from his position.
Earlier the administration at the school had condemned the professor’s comments but kindly reminded us that this is America, it is well within his right to express them.
Now they are moving towards firing him for it.
Now I know what you conservatives are saying, you have the right to say it, but there are consequences for your actions. No one ever said that because this is America there are no consequences for what you let come out of your mouth or out of your pen.
And I agree with that. Wholeheartedly.
My question is, what rule or what principle did this professor violate that this administration is now finding grounds to move towards his dismissal?
What was his crime? What did he say exactly that warrants this consequence?
Is there some rule that says that you can’t have an opinion on who or what was behind the motivation behind the attacks in New York City, NY on 9/11?
Had Ward Churchill said that “the motivation behind the attacks on 9-11 were because terrorists hate freedom” would the administration be considering his dismissal?
I agree, they wouldn’t.
So they are not getting rid of him on the grounds that he gave an opinion on what was the motivation behind the attacks.
What they are moving to get rid of him on is what his opinion is.
That is scary.
People, we are not as different as we think we are to some of these other places around the world that we are so quick to condemn.
The reason I say that is because what offends people differs everywhere you go. What people hold in their emotional cubbyhole that pushes their limits on civility are as varied as there are people to get offended when those ideas we hold in our little emotional cubbyhole are challenged.
Offending people isn’t very difficult to do. In fact, it can be almost effortless depending on what circle you are in.
In some circles just insinuating that God isn’t a black man orbiting the earth right now in a flying saucer waiting to push the button and bring Armageddon down upon the white race is grounds for an ass kicking. In some places not taking your shoes off when you walk in the door is enough to get you a kung fu kick to the chin.
It is how we react to the things that offend us, that's supposed to be what makes us different in America.
We are supposed to have a culture of tolerance because you can’t have a society based on the belief in inalienable rights without tolerance.
However tolerance is what seems to be at the top of the list of endangered species these days.
Churchill says he will sue the doors off the University of Colorado if he is released.

same difference

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