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Baby Dies After Rabbi Gave Him Herpes

I want to say that title makes this story sound worse than it is, but it doesn’t.
A prominent mohel, for those that don’t know that is what you call the person that performs religious circumcisions in the Jewish faith, has been allegedly giving kids herpes during the circumcision rituals he has been performing.
Under Jewish law, a mohel is supposed to draw blood while he is performing the circumcision to remove impurities.
While most people in the modern world would do it by hand, this particular Rabbi, Rabbi Yitzchok Fischer uses his mouth, in a practice that is virtually unknown except in the more extreme ultra-Orthodox communities.
Three kids, count them, three kids have contracted herpes and one of them has died and the one thing they all have in common is that they were all circumcised last year by the good Rabbi.
The custom is called Metzizah and has been going on for thousands of years apparently.
However in modern times, now that we are aware of such things as germs, mohels today use a sterile tube to draw blood instead of putting their nasty ass mouths directly on the wound.
However, like most fundamentalist sects that have this “what was good for Abraham must be good for me” attitude towards sticking with the old ways, actually putting your mouth on the kid’s bloody cock is mandatory for the spell to work.
Why do I call it a spell? Because that is what it is right? Can you tell me what the difference is between a religious ritual and a spell cast by a warlock?
A priest says a few words over a bowl of water and magically, whaddya know, it becomes “blessed”. The Catholic Church has an entire “how-to” book to exorcising demons from those unfortunate enough to be possessed by one. Apparently there is some significance to what you say in conjunction to how many times you kiss the crucifix around your neck that just makes demons run for the hills.
Now all it takes is to have a mohel put his mouth on a bloody cock and suddenly all of the impurities go away.
I probably would’ve sued my school district if my guidance councilor in high school put me on track to land that gig after I graduated from school.
Remember when you had to fill out those tests to see what kind of job your personality would be best suited for?
If “a mohel for an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community” would have come up on my list I would’ve asked to been held back.
What a horrible job.
I can’t think of a worse job. How many bloody cocks do you think this guy has to wrap his lips around in a week?
Evidently infants can’t take herpes because their immune systems haven’t started kicking in high gear yet, so for many, contracting something like this is fatal.
The city of New York asked him to stop using his mouth until they could get the results back from the tests that they were running but apparently he hasn’t.
His lawyer Mark Kurzmann issued the statement that "My client is known internationally as a caring, skilled and conscientious mohel."
He then brought up concerns about “government coming in and regulating religious practices” and even suggested that the babies could have contracted herpes some other way.
Some other way, like through promiscuous sex I am presuming right?
This only goes to prove what I have always suspected, there are only so many cocks you can put your mouth on before you’re going to catch something.

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Source: New York Daily News

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