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Federal Judge Rules In Favor of Porn, Common Sense

Just when you think federal judges have lost their common sense one of them stands up and says “Hey, I still have my common sense” and the far right roll up their sleeves and gang tackle him.
U.S. District Court Judge Gary L. Lancaster dismissed obscenity charges against Extreme Associates, a California pornography business, on the grounds that “since people have a right to view such material in the privacy of their own homes, there’s a right to market it.”
The attorney defending the couple that runs the porn company Extreme Associates which specialize in videos depicting rape and murder argued in court that Investigators had to join the site in order to buy the objectionable videos so it’s not like they were just laying around for them to happen upon.
The Judge went on to further states that “community standards notice is outdated because of growing access to the Internet.”
In other words, “what say so does the community have in what you view or don’t view in the privacy of your own home?”
I can understand if these things are placed on billboards where anyone can look out there window and see, then I am all about the community deciding what they would allow or not allow to be advertised, but what say so do they have about what I view in my own home?
Remember this entire case was predicated by U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan on the idea that “the lack of enforcement of obscenity laws during the mid- to late-1990s "led to a proliferation of obscenity throughout the United States."
That was John Ashcroft language when he was appointed attorney general of the United States and vowed to reel in Internet back in and stomp out obscenity.
She has maintained that this case wasn’t about removing all pornography but just the “obscene” stuff.
Federal prosecutors maintained that “Pornographers must adhere to the community standards of where products are made and anywhere they might be seen.”
Which is impossible to do, and they know it.
I don’t know about you but I don’t even know where one would go to get the poster with all of the community standards written on it.
Like I said, community standards I am all for when we are talking about something that can be viewed by the community like a sign outside on your lawn or a billboard advertising a product or service.
I’m sorry but the last time I checked there was no community voice when it comes to what goes on inside of my house.
Shit, I am just as disgusted as these prosecutors are that Extreme Associates can not only keep the lights on but thrive selling pornographic murder and rape flicks but I am every bit as offended by most reality television programming that you see on television and society considers those in good taste, so go figure.

same difference

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Source: Sacramento Bee

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