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Sex Map Shows Chain of Almost 300 Lovers in one high school

Researchers studying one Midwest High School in the U.S. discovered a chain of 288 one-to-one sexual relationships at the high school, which means that the unfortunate person at the end of that chain might only be having sex with one person directly, but indirectly they are fucking 286 other people.
It’s the classic “you don't just have sex with a person, but with everyone that person ever had sex with” except someone has made a graph of it and put it in PowerPoint.
Then to make it even more disturbing the sociologists who conducted the study that discovered this chain of 288 sexual relationships said that most of the teens in their study did not, repeat, "did not" engage in promiscuous behavior with many partners.
I think the term there to look for in that sentence is promiscuous behavior with “many partners”. That still leaves open promiscuous behavior with a few.
"From a student's perspective, a large chain like this would boggle the mind," said sociologist James Moody, who led the study. "They might know that their partner had a previous partner. But they don't think about the fact that this partner had a previous partner, who had a partner, and so on."
The study even showed that there were unspoken rules that also affected the results like the kids that participated in the study, as a rule, don’t date their ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend’s partner.
They called it an almost “incest taboo” that is going on. The result, as these researchers stated “forces people to find new partners instead of recycling."
"The students in this network are not unusual. They are just average students, and not extremely active sexually. So social policies that could help some of them protect themselves from STD's could break a lot of these chains that can lead to the spread of disease," Moody said.
This is not what I needed. Now I have some data to back up my phobia which is only going to entrench me further into my psychosis.
I thought I was dug in pretty deep before...I am probably going to discover China.
Imagine how many people you are indirectly fucking when you fuck someone like Angelina Jolie or any professional athlete or entertainer that has the opportunity to have sex literally thrown at them on a daily basis.
Even if you want to argue that most women are not wired the way men are, to only consider the physical attractiveness of who they will or won’t sleep with, the guy they do eventually decided to sleep with chances are doesn’t hold that kind of standard for himself so most likely so you are still indirectly sleeping with everyone under the sun.
One night with 50 Cent after partying in a club could potentially mean you are indirectly in contact with thousands of people.
That’s disgusting.
My only defense is a strong offense since people tend to lie about their sexual experience, particularly if they suspect you are going to judge them on it.
So in order to get around that little inconvenience I have compiled a list of potential indicators to keep me out of harms way.
I didn’t just decide to do this on my own. It was sort of an exercise that a friend of mine put me up to for her amusement. She had asked me to come up with a list of things that I feel would prevent me from walking across a room to introduce myself to a woman that I considered physically attractive.
So in other words, removing attraction from the equation what stops me from introducing myself?
Well here are just a few. And these are just the physical ones. Let’s not even get into the things she might say once we get to talking.
That could take up another article just by itself.
Now remember these aren’t rules, these are just guidelines that I live by, so don’t write me in all caps offended because you think that that I am calling you a whore just because you have a butterfly tattoo on your ankle.
I am fully aware that these are gross generalizations, but they have severed me well. I don’t piss fire. I am drug and disease free. And I intend to keep it that way. I don’t have any children running around calling me daddy or any baby mommas with three more kids from three different fathers. Every time I go out to eat with a woman we aren’t running into her ex-lovers all over the place that just come up and say “hello”.
And I am fully aware that it is quite possible that as a result of these guidelines I am alone, but you don’t hear me complaining.


I do not like tattoos. I never have. To me they are never sexy, partly because I associate them with promiscuity, which isn’t sexy. And partly because I don’t like the permanence of it.
I don’t want to look at that same picture every single day for the rest of my life.
What I associate with tattoos are Ravers, ecstasy, designer drugs, heroine, house music, basically a different generation that I cannot relate to anymore.
Criminals get tattoos. Almost every single fugitive on America’s most wanted has some tattoo on his body to distinguish him from everyone else.
Practically every porn star I have ever seen on a video has a tattoo somewhere. Every girl on the girl’s gone wild commercials has tattoos. Every gangsta rapper is covered in tattoos. It is a low class epidemic. Besides, nothing says white trash or ghetto to me more than a tattoo on your breast.
I am snob so sue me.

Tight revealing clothing

To me nothing says promiscuity louder than a woman wearing clothing that is too tight and revealing too much. I enjoy a woman who has a nice body and takes care of herself but I am weary of any woman that walks about around advertising everything she has. I understand that you attract more flies with honey than with shit but that is exactly the turn off. You are trying to catch a man with your tits all hanging out. Is that your best feature? Is that why I am supposed to like you because I saw what your tits looked like the night we met? Well how about this? I promise to go home and think about you tonight after the party since you have given me such a vivid and detailed visual of everything you have but forgive me if I’ll pass on you coming with me.

Leopard Print Anything

I don’t care if its pants, a scarf, a blouse or the trim on your sunglasses. Leopard print anything just says prostitute, cheap, ghetto and white trash to me. That is what animal print clothing says to me. If I were to be casting a woman to play a hooker in a film I will have wardrobe dress her up in leopard print clothing.

A Stud In Her Tongue

Nothing says I love to give head than having a stud in your tongue. I was at the veterinarian just yesterday and the woman that was holding my dog had a stud in her tongue. What do you think was the first thing that jumped in my head? Once again, not that I am against a woman that likes to give head, in fact I think that is very cool, but then again, this is all about the advertising that fact to the world. I am turned off by a woman that is advertising to the whole world that “I like to give head” and like I said nothing says this more than a stud in her tongue. The fact that you like to give head is something I would like to know but I don’t really want my parents to know. Because believe me, if my father sees a stud in your tongue he is going to know why I am with you. And knowing that my father knows something like that is just disgusting.

Multiple Piercing, particularly ones in strange places

Since we are on the subject of tongue piercing we might as well talk about the subject of piercing in general. Once again this just screams promiscuity to me. Piercing on your Clint, nipples, above your ass, lips, nose etc. once again are like the whole tattoo thing. When my brother came home from military service for x mas leave he had his share of one night stands, and by his own account and all of the women he had multiple body piercings. I wasn’t surprised. One night stands and piercing anywhere other than in a woman’s ear dose not surprise me.

Bizarre Hair Coloring.

Purple hair. Bright Crayola Red Hair. Yellow Hair. Any kind of out of the norm hair coloring makes me think you are some counter culture kinda girl that is rebelling for the sake of rebelling and it makes me wonder what other societal norms are you trying to rebel against? Actually I don’t even want to know. What this says to me is that you are trying to find yourself. Let me know when you do.

Too much make up

Wearing too much make up makes you look like you are butt ugly without a lot of help. I don’t like a girl that wears too much make up. I want a natural look. If you need to get that dolled up to go outside then what the fuck are you going to look like in the morning when I see you without anything on your face? When you are young you wear make up to look older and when you are older you are wearing make up to hide something, probably how old you are.


This should just be self-explanatory. Smoking is just nasty.

Drinking/drug use and Clubbing

I am putting these two together because the only reason people go to a bar and pay 5 bucks for a beer when they can go to the grocery store and get 12 of the same beer for 12 bucks is because they are going out to meet people. Most of the people that I know that have been promiscuous were big time nightlife, bar going people. You show me people with the highest dick counts and I will show you people with the most hours punched in at clubs and bars.

Constantly Dressed to the Tee

I am very weary of a woman that is always dressed to impress. To me all this tells me is that she is always out looking to impress men so she can get dick. Sure women say that they don't dress for us they dress for each other, and although I understand that to be true in most cases is a cry for attention that makes my suspect meter go off. The girl in my building always dressed nice in new outfits. She has men coming in and out of her apartment sometimes 5 and 6 at a time. Once again I wasn't surprised. Anyone that concerned all the time about how they look when they walk out of the house is in constant advertising mode and that means she has a pretty high dick count.

Well that is all I have for now. Just doing my best to not indirectly sleep with half of Chicago.

same difference

Oral sex lessons cut rates of teenage pregnancy by 20%
And for those of you that are wondering why they aren’t teaching the boys to eat pussy, you can have a seat in the lobby next to the guy with the abstinence books.

So what is fuck is sex anyway?
So much for not swimming with sharks.

Source: Reuters

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