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Scientist now saying ET has Been Here

Scientists are now saying that ET isn’t coming, they are saying that ET have been here.
"We are in the curious situation today that our best modern physics and astrophysics theories predict that we should be experiencing extraterrestrial visitation, yet any possible evidence of such lurking in the UFO phenomenon is scoffed at within our scientific community," contends astrophysicist Bernard Haisch.
Evidently recent discoveries made by Australian astronomers made us aware of what they are calling a “galactic habitable zone” in our Milky Way Galaxy. When you couple that with the fact that our own Sun is relatively young in comparison to the average star in this “zone” we are new kids on the block.
This means that other civilizations in our own galactic habitable zone would be far more advanced that we are and would have long discovered us.
Then when you factor in what they are calling the “theory of inflation”, in regards to the Big Band theory, they are telling us that our little blue planet is probably a part of some much larger extraterrestrial civilization and we don’t even know it.
Basically the logic is that if you give a civilization a billion year head start on us it isn’t so far fetched to see that they are probably far beyond technology wise what we are imagining in our wildest dreams.
A billion years isn’t something to laugh at. That is a lot of time to work out the kink that prevents a cloaking device from working at the same time that you have the phasers online.
Things like parallel habitable dimensions that are existing side by side with us are relatively new theories to us but could have been how these aliens have been getting around the problems of light speed all of this time.
If you ever want to knock the scientific community off its high horse, bring up the issue of extraterrestrials. Just like religion doesn’t want to hear anything that might be outside of their line of thinking so the scientific community has the same problems with things like aliens.
The fact is that the scientific community doesn’t even look at the possibility of extraterrestrial visitations. No surprise there.
Then all it takes is one hoax, then that one hoax becomes “everything is a hoax”.
One redneck claims that he was ass raped by transvestite aliens that resemble a cross between Chewbacca and Raquel Welch and instead of looking into his claims the headline in the Journal Science the next morning reads “Crystal meth an epidemic in rural America”.
I was just talking with a Jesus freak the other day while I was in line at the grocery store that was telling me about how he was listening to some Christian radio program the other night and he was appalled to learn that scientists can now grow a human ear on the back on a mouse.
He was like “what’s next?”
Seeing that he was appalled, I initially feigned like I was appalled as well, then I began to fuck with him.
I told him that I was aware of that (which I was) but that I didn’t think it was a bad thing at all if someday science affords people another chance to see after losing an eye or there is some accident on a construction site and they lose an ear. Who cares if it was grown on the back of a mouse?
Then he said to me that he thinks that all of those people whose pictures are printed on the side of those milk containers are probably sitting in a laboratory somewhere being experimented on by the government.
All I could think of was how the hell he got all of this from a Christian radio program.
I told him, “See man, it was people like you who when they first invented the airplane said, “if God intended for us to fly he would have given us wings” but eventually you came around. Now you don’t think anything about flying in an airplane. Before you, there was some Jesus freak walking around in the desert who objected to riding an animal for transportation. He said if God wanted us to ride on a donkey he would have us born with one attached to our ass”. Well maybe, just maybe, did it occur to you that God has grown tired of seeing people crippled, blind, deaf or otherwise disfigured so he has given us the intellectual capabilities to conceive of such methods of correcting these problems because we are too careless to prevent them from happening in the first place?
He looked me dead in the eye and said, “No.”
I just started pushing my cart of groceries towards the dog food aisle and said under my breath…”I didn’t think so.”
We would all be better off if we were more open to the possibilities of other possibilities than being so content to dismiss whatever we haven’t already conditioned ourselves to accept.
However I take comfort in the faith that I have that eventually everyone comes around. Science is finally coming around to the idea that aliens visitations are probably happening just like this asshole will eventually come around to having an ear that was grown on the back of a mouse just like his grandmother eventually accepted that it was ok to fly in an airplane.

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Source: Space.com
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