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What happened to All the Terror Alerts?

One thing I noticed this Christmas, actually, one thing I first took notice of this Thanksgiving was that with the election of George Bush out went an era.
I wonder why I haven’t read anyone talking about it. Maybe they aren’t talking about it because they don’t want them to come back?
I am talking about the era of the terrorist alert.
You know the “we have reason to believe that terrorist are planning something but we have no more information than that” terrorists alerts.
The ones that we had to deal with every single holiday since 9/11. Every time there was a national holiday there was a terror alert waiting for us to remind us not to congregate at the water cooler at work, to be suspicious of empty shopping carts rolling aimlessly in the grocery store parking lot or any of Middle Eastern decent doing anything, period.
What happened this Christmas? Did terrorist stop targeting shopping malls like they had every single year after nine-eleven?
Have terrorists gotten so frustrated from Dubya thwarting their plans time and time again that they just quit trying to attack us during the holidays?
How come the shopping malls were such an appetizing target every year before but not this year?
Or was it that had Bush just been reelected, therefore there was no need to terrify you anymore into thinking that he was the only candidate that can keep us safe from terrorism?
Terror alerts had served their purpose.
Now I am sure that the terror alert was raised. I mean, even this administration wants to at least look consistent at Christmas, but since when is a possible terrorist attack at Christmas not news?
Where was CNN, FOX, MSNBC and ABC interrupting my normally scheduled programming to warm me that the terror alert had been raised from yellow to amber or whatever, based on credible sources that can’t give them anymore than be on the look out for people at shopping malls carrying large packages?
Then new years came and gone. Once again the terrorist lost interest in us. Evidently Bush defeated more than just John Kerry on November 2nd 2004 he also defeated whatever motivation the terrorist had to strike us at home again.
Now you didn’t hear this from me, but this administration couldn’t have been using terrorist alerts to frighten the people into believing that Dubya was keeping you safe from terror. As each warning came and went without incident that we started to believe it was because he was doing such a fine job defending us from our enemies?
Could it?
Nah, we are much smarter than that aren’t we? We aren’t so easily tricked like that. Besides, a president of the United States wouldn’t do anything like that.
Long live George “God is in the White House” Bush, the vanquisher of terrorists, spreader of Christianity and the word of God, and promulgator of the virtues of Freedom wherever there is oil to be sacked.

Source: Associated Press
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