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Hurricane exposes alleged child porn stash

Baruch Spinoza said that God and nature were one in the same. He said that God has no personal characteristics whatsoever.
According to Spinoza, God is a not a good and just being. Hey but before you flip out, on the flip side that also means that he isn’t a jealous and vengeful God either so that’s a good trade off.
In fact, Spinoza's God doesn’t have any moral characteristics.
Spinoza's God acts for the sake of no ends whatsoever. It is what it is. What happens happens.
In other words, God doesn’t do anything with a purpose in mind. So he doesn’t send you signs, he doesn’t help you vanquish your enemies and he doesn’t help bring about justice to those who have none.
And although I consider Spinoza to be one of the most brilliant philosophers of all time, he would have had no answer for this.
When Robert Medyee’s house was damaged by a tornado on September 17, 2004 the police found so much child porn floating around amongst the debris that was his home that they had to bring in a pickup truck to get all of it.
According to Spinoza, this was just chance.
If you asked Spinoza, “well, what are the chances?” He would say, “Who cares what the chances are? Just because the odds of something happening or not are very slim to none doesn’t mean that there was a purposeful hand behind the scenes working the strings.”
He has a point. Except the definition of “miracle” in my book is that some otherwise improbable event happens despite the astronomical odds against it. However statisticians will tell you that things happen everyday despite astronomical odds. So from a certain point of view even statisticians agree that miracles happen everyday. Assuming that you don’t have issue with my original definition.
According to the Frederick County Sheriff's Office, child pornography was discovered in various locations throughout Robert L. Medvee's house.. 'It was the largest seizure of child pornography I've ever seen,' State's Attorney Scott Rolle told the News-Post.
Spinoza also says that there is no such thing as good and evil. Whatever event that impedes what ever it is that you want to accomplish is evil and whatever helps aid in accomplishing whatever you want to accomplish is considered good.
Good and evil is just that personal.
For Medyee this tornado and the fact that it ripped off the side of his house and exposed the world to the largest child porn collection this side of the Mississippi river would be evil.
The fact that the tornado that hit his house was created from weather conditions linked to the remnants of Hurricane Ivan only makes it that much worse.
It would be different if had Ivan hit him directly but this was an after thought.
If you have ever seen a tornado you know that it can hit your neighbors house and not even touch your house right next door. Unlike hurricanes, tornados are very hit and miss.
Because of this "tornado" he is now being charged with 48 counts of creating computer images of child pornography and 48 counts of child pornography. He is being held on $96,000 bail and if he makes bail he has been ordered to have no contact with children under the age of 18 until his trial.
Spinoza is what he is. I am not saying he is wrong about God but using a more "traditional" viewpoint of God and nature however, what happened to Robert Medyee in my opinion is exactly why you keep the burnt offerings below the alter nice and warm and the virgins in the volcano.

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Source: WRC-TV 4

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