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transgender deity responsible for prehistoric monument

Fur coat? I should have known.Anyone have any idea when homosexuality became such an abomination to God?
Anyone out there have a clue?
I just found out on Discovery News that Odin swung both ways.
Yeah, Thor’s daddy.
Evidently Odin was openly bi-sexual and often took on the form of both men and women depending on what he was in the mood for that night.
If I am not mistaken occasionally Zeus did the same kinda shit.
What’s up with that?
Stan Lee never told us that Odin was a bisexual. I depended on Stan. I wonder how much of this Thor is aware of? Does Thor know that Odin and Ordella are both the same person? Or does he just have his suspicions like we have about Michael and Janet.
Apparently an ancient wooden carving of the bisexual Viking god Odin was found on the prehistoric timber circle monument Seahenge according to archaeologist who were excavating the 4,000-year-old word monuments in England . At first they couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman until they noticed its mutilated eye which Odin had plucked out so he could see into the future.
It was a dead giveaway.
See Odin had his eye scratched out so he could see the future, that way he could stay one step ahead of the homophobes.
So what archaeologist now believe is that the whole Seahenge monument is dedicated to an early representation of the Viking God Odin.
I dunno, coming from where I come from I think it is just funny having ambiguously gay or trans gendered gods in the pantheon, particularly when he is the top God.
I think that says a lot about how homosexuality must’ve been viewed in the ancient world.
Not that I don’t think homosexuals should have their own pagan God, I mean, everyone else has one, why not the homosexuals, but when the highest God on the totem poll is about as masculine as Prince on the cover of “Dirty Mind” I think the whole pantheon is in trouble.
This is especially true if the first thing that greets your enemies on the beach is a 12 foot statue of Odin in a skirt.
If I am going to create a God from scratch I am going to create one that kicks ass not one that is in touch with his feminine side.
How much do Gods cost anyways? If women need someone to look up to why can’t you create another one.
You’ve got to be a cheap motherfucker to try to save a buck and combine them into one.
Just play the percentages.
Not everyone is going to respect or fear a God in a skirt. Particularly when you take into account how shamelessly barbaric the world used to be.
Keep in mind what the world was like 4,000 years ago.
The planet earth was about a Klingon as you can get without having bone spurs protruding from your forehead.
How the world thought of homosexuals 4,000 years ago must be drastically different than how we view homosexuals and homosexuality now because using conventional thought, you would think having a 12 foot statue of a cross dressing God welcoming your enemies on the beach would be an invitation to come take whatever you can carry back to the boat.
Evidently, that wasn’t the case.

same difference

russians claim to have found noah 's ark
Right now only about 6 feet of it is sticking up above the ground. Jesus freaks are hopeful that the rest of it is still underground.
Actually, they are really hoping that this isn't just a mound of dirt.

Vatican To Change Bible To Reflect Information Found In Dead Sea Scrolls
"...if they found evidence tomorrow that Jesus was a quadriplegic, and that his disciples used to wheel his ass around in a wheelbarrow, they would simply dismiss it as being blasphemous, as opposed to just saying, "Damn, ain't that a bitch. We always just assumed he could walk."

Source: Discovery News

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