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Shameless Racist Wins GOP Primary in Tennessee

An unapologetic racist who still believes in Eugenics, a pseudo science that purports to prove racial superiority through selective breeding, a science so wack that people don’t even bother to debunk it any more is running for a congressional seat in Tennessee as a Republican.
Make whatever excuses you want for the GOP but Democrats don’t have candidates like these running for office even in the most backwater of places.
The GOP might not have a monopoly on “the bigot vote” but they sure do have an uncanny ability to attract bigot candidates.
Sure I hear what you are saying, “there are democrats out there just like this guy; they just aren’t in the open about it.”
That’s my point.
Even if there were democrats that shared his views out there, (which for the record I think is unlikely) they would do it privately.
Real privately.
Besides, pulling ideology out of social studies text books from the 1920s isn’t exactly the MO of a Democrat.
That is why liberals and Democrats are called progressives.
We move forward.
You don’t see 1935 retro-Democrats popping up every now and then that run for office on a “the world is flat, the bible is science and blacks have smaller brains than whites” platform.
They might have run on that logic in 1935 but not in 2004.
That’s the difference.
This latest incarnation of GOP bigotry James L. Hart actually goes door to door dressed in a protective vest and armed and .40-caliber pistol just in case he runs into trouble.
Why would he think spreading his message might cause trouble?
Don’t we live in America ?
When he knocks on a door and white people answer the door he gives them his speech of “If I am elected I will fight so that white children have the same “rights” as everyone else.”
When he knocks on a door and someone black answers he just drops his literature on the porch and moves on to the next house.
What you would find in his literature had you bothered to even pick it up would be things like how if he is elected he will work towards keeping "less favored races" from reproducing.
Yeah, that means you Buckwheat.
And without looking too long you would also come across a paragraph on how, if elected, he will work tirelessly to stop the “poverty genes” which threaten to turn the United States into “one big Detroit ”.
Poverty genes?
See there ya go with one of those Eugenics terms that you hear all those big brains that worked on mapping the human gnome at the National Institute of Health use all the time.
One thing studying DNA has taught those of us that were educated with science books written AH or after Hitler is that human beings turn out to be 99.99% the same.
Less than 1% of all of the millions of genes that make up the genetic code of a person is all that makes us different.
I guess it’s in that less than 1% where you find all of those “poverty genes” screwing up all the other 99.99%
"When I knock on a door and say white children deserve the same rights as everybody else, the enthusiastic response is truly amazing," he said.
Some other poor shmuck tried to become a write in candidate just to run against Hart because he said “he didn’t want Hart to destroy the Republican Party’s honor” but at last check he was getting lambasted by Hart 1,554 votes to 7,671 after 86% of the vote was counted.
Apparently Hart has run for the 8 th District seat before but this time he was the only Republican on the ballot.
All of the other times he ran for office he was pretty much ignored.
Despite Hart’s throwback views he still won 83% of the republican vote after 86% of the primary vote was counted in his district.
Now like I said, in all fairness he was the only Republican on the ballot, but still that doesn’t excuse the 7,671 people voted for him.
Not in 2004 at least. Maybe in 1904 but not 2004.
All this either proves is that in at least 7,671 people’s minds even a bigot GOP candidate is better than no GOP candidate, or it proves that there are an awful lot of ignorant voters out there in the 8 th district that never read his literature, had no idea what he stands for, that walk in those booths and exercise their right to just pull the lever with the elephant sticker on it and let God sort em out.
Glad to see democracy works.
Read his website for yourself

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