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Man chicken's out of Suicide Pact with Bride

Ok, I don't get it.
I met this girl right. I think she is incredible. She is beautiful, funny, smart, sexy, she puts up with me…
What else can I ask for?
You can hope that she is a virgin?
See, that doesn’t do anything for me. Granted I don’t like hearing about her previous sexual experiences but its just one of those unfortunate things that I understand happens.
Most women are not out there in the world waiting for me to walk into their lives to fuck them. If they are, I am not aware of it, and I suspect that they are making due without me.
I don’t expect a woman to be a virgin when I get married. Granted I am also 32 years old. If I marry a 32 year old virgin she’ll probably still be in rehab after waking up out of her coma when I meet her.
Say what you want about organized religion but the last thing I think the world needs are more sexually repressed people and religion is to sexual repression what nebulae are to stars.
I am not saying that everyone should be going around fucking everyone that buys them a drink, but at the same time being a little understanding that shit happens wouldn't hurt.
What I don’t understand is how something that two consenting adults can do to each other can cause guilt?
An Iranian man struck a deal with his new bride to kill themselves for having pre-marital sex with each other.
See this is where I am losing it.
He married her didn't he? Where is the problem? Ever heard of keeping a secret?
And don’t give that “you can’t keep a secret from God” crap because he was sincere when he asked “who ate from the tree of knowledge” and the only two people in Eden at the time were Adam and Eve .
God can crack the code for the human gnome but he can’t deduce guilt even when he only has two suspects.
Now I could see if they wanted to kill themselves for having pre-marital sex with other people and lying about it to one another but why would they feel guilty about doing it with each other, especially they ended up getting married anyway?
I mean that is what you are supposed to do. If you knock a girl up you are supposed to marry her not decide to push her off a bridge and since it looked like it hurt when she landed change your mind about it.
Well that is what this asshole did in Iran .
This asshole apparently decided with his wife that they should deal with weight of their guilty consciences by killing each other at the same time.
However after he helped her hang herself he had a change of heart and decided to turn himself into police according to the ISNA student news agency.
I guess there’s something kinda nauseating about the sound of a neck cracking that kinda makes you think a bit.
Killing her first isn’t at the same time in my book. The same time is like leaping off the table with a rope around your neck on the count of three, dying in a car from carbon monoxide poisoning parked in the garage is dying at the same time.
Helping her hang herself and then setting things up for your self isn’t at the same time.
Maybe “the same day” but it definitely isn’t at “the same time”.
Apparently in Iran pre-marital sex is so taboo that some girls have to go through a virginity test before getting married.
To my knowledge there is still no test has been created to determine if the man is a virgin.
Apparently it would be impossible to determine if his daily ejaculations were from vaginal sex or palm and lotion.

same difference

iraqi women say islamic law will put them back in the middle ages
There are some aspects of Islam for example that are so unapologetically male-chauvinistic that it is damn near God endorsed institutionalized bigotry.

muslim cleric convicted of “how to beat the shit out your wife” manual
The Angel Gabrielle came down from heaven and wanted to make it clear to Muhammad that God wants you to beat your wife, but to do it in such a way to avoid suspicion and prosecution from the local authorities

Source: Reuters

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