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Muslims feel stupid after Flocking to See Messiah Web Hoax

Are you desperate for answers in your life?
Are you more comfortable getting your life lessons from those who specialize in translating what most people would call some pretty twisted symbolism than personal experience?
If so, then I have an internet hoax for you!
Hundreds of Muslims flocked to a German hospital where an internet site reported that “the Messiah” was being breast-fed by his resurrected mother.
Think that’s weird? Oh it gets worse.
The story was that there was a woman at the hospital that had given birth to the messiah but then had died shortly after due to complications surrounding the birth.
Someone, for some unknown reason, went and dug up her corpse only to find that the woman was still alive although her entire body had been burned except of course for her tits.
Oh it gets worse.
The Muslim interpretation of this was that Allah had ordered the dead woman back to life so she could feed her child, the Messiah, for 40 days, only to have her just die all over again.
Yeah, that makes sense to me too. That’s the thanks you get for giving birth to his love child that you died pushing out of you.
And people wonder why I am not religious.
I’ve have dreams about Jello pudding wrestling matches between werewolves and half naked nymphomaniac Nazi all girl motorcycle gangs that make more sense than that.
Hospital guards actually had to turn back hundreds of people that had flocked across Germany and from the nearby Netherlands to see a macabre corpse with a baby sucking on its tits.
Shit dude, if I wrote a child breast feeding on a charred corpse's tit in my screenplay I am sure to get a NC-17 rating and guaranteed protests from the very same people that are packing up and traveling hundreds of miles to see it live in all its gruesome detail and they are calling it an act of God.
Go figure.
One asshole on the Internet portal Turkdunya.de, actually claimed to have seen the woman.
This just goes to show that you can believe everything you read on the internet. Particularly in chat rooms where everyone is anonymous so there is no reason to lie.

same difference

Foster children forced to feed grandpa's corpse
No tarot cards. No crystal ball needed. The blank stare of a child doing all that it can to bury yet another day in their lives into that section of their subconscious that can only be retrieved via past life hypnosis would give them away.

Fire Chief Poses For Photo With Charred Corpse
"There is nothing in our protocol that would dictate for someone to take a picture like that,'' Fire Chief Rocco Forte said.

Source: Reuters

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