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Dinosaurs Fried within Hours of Cosmic Collision, Study Concludes

I’m not buying that God destroyed everyone on the earth but spared Noah’s drunken ass from the great flood because the earth at the time was just overrun with non-believers and evil-doers.
Then, you want to tell me that only a measly few thousand years later, God is handing his only son over to the Roman’s the beat the dog shit out him so that he can start letting us back into heaven again because we were all back to our non-believing evil doing ways?
Well what do you expect? You tapped an alcoholic and his dysfunctional, incestuous family to repopulate the earth.
Apples don’t fall that far from the tree unless the tree is resting on the edge of a steep cliff or at the top of a hill.
You can’t get something from nothing. Look at me. I was made in God’s image.
The reason why I am judgmental and have no patience is because he is judgmental and has no patience.
If those traits did not exist in him there is no way they could exist in me.
The reason why he destroyed everything on the earth whenever he got pissed is because he could.
Which is basically the same reason why we invaded Iraq and Bush now has Saddam Hussein’s pistol mounted on the wall as a trophy in the white house, because we could.
See, we aren’t all that much different.
All naming Noah as a starter did for me was tell me that it must be ok to be an incestuous, child molesting alcoholic just as long as you’re good with a hammer and nails and trust God when he tells you that he has a hell of a talent at predicting weather patterns.
Justifying God’s temper tantrums as his way of “just starting over” is just weak. It is.
I am not saying that he wasn’t appalled at the things he was seeing at the time, hell, I am sure he was, but what I am saying is that our morality or lack thereof was just a convenient excuse for his pathological behavior.
In other words, God has a history of this kinda shit.
God’s problem is he fashions himself as an artist and unfortunately he is his worst critic.
And people wonder why human beings are so neurotic.
He pulled this same “I’m going to destroy everything and just start over” thing on Godzilla, Mothra and Rodan about 65 million years ago when he drop punted a 6 mile wide comet into Mexico 's Yucatan Peninsula .
Scientists are now saying that the comet hit so hard and so fast that it vaporized the rock it hit, and as it came back down it created so much heat that it turned the sky from blue to red and literally cooked all of the dinosaurs to death within hours.
The crater it left behind was 200 miles wide.
"Dinosaurs and many other species simply stop to exist," said Benny Peiser, a researcher at Liverpool John Moores University who monitors research on catastrophes and mass extinctions. "Those lucky few that may have survived the hellish impact fires, heat pulse, radiation, and so on would have struggled to cope with a dramatically deteriorating environment, including the probable 'impact winter' that most likely destroyed the food chain."
Scientists now know that the dinosaurs died out in a matter of hours not thousands of years.
They were literally cooked alive.
I thought animals were amoral. What was God’s excuse then?

same difference

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Source: Space.com

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