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Nick Berg ’s Beheading: Al-Qaeda is Islam's answer to PETA

The beheading of American businessman Nick Berg and the posting of the gruesome act on the Internet was supposedly done by al-Qaeda affiliated Muslims in retaliation to the abuse that has occurred at the hands of American servicemen against Iraqi civilians.
Don’t doubt that they were behind this. This kind of crap is typical al-Qaeda.
Just two months ago al-Qaeda were killing their own fellow Muslims in Saudi Arabia with car bombs and three months before that they were killing fellow Muslims on their pilgrimages to the holy city of Mecca during Ramadan.
If you listen to the Arab media today it’s apparent that al-Qaeda has worn out their patience with many in the Arab world.
"This shows how base and vile those who wear the robe of Islam have become," said Abdullah Sahar, a Kuwait University political scientist. "We were winning international sympathy because of what happened at Abu Ghraib, but they come and waste it all," said Sahar.
Mustafa Bakri, editor of Al-Osboa weekly newspaper in Egypt, said Berg's death will only hurt efforts to expose American offenses against Iraqis.
"Such revenge is rejected," Bakri said of the execution. "The American administration will make use of such crimes just to cover their real crimes against Iraqis."
When you think about it Al-Qaeda are wack in the same way that PETA is wack.
What is the point in protesting if it isn’t to bring about change?
And if that is the case, then what is the point of saying or doing anything that’s going to close people off from being receptive to the position you would like to see them adopt?
I mean, that is why you are doing whatever it is your doing right? You are doing whatever you are doing to persuade them to see your side, am I correct?
Take this beheading of Nick Berg for example. How does this compare to American soldiers making people play naked twister?
It doesn’t. It isn't even in the same ballpark.
Yet Al-Qaeda connected the two together by saying that the Berg beheading was in retaliation to the abuses that happened in Abu Ghraib prison.
So why would al-Qaeda, if they were thinking, give the US the opportunity to shift the dialog away from the Iraqi abuses and over to this Klingon type beheading?
I mean every time you ask Rumsfeld anything about Abu Ghraib prison for the next few weeks he is going to shake his head and say, “that’s a damn shame what happened to that Berg kid isn’t it?”
And Al-Qaeda has no one to blame but themselves.
I mean they make this guy look into the camera, say his name, his parents names, his brother and sister’s names, where he lives then they hold him down and cut his head off.
All the time they are shouting "God is great" over the sound of Berg’s screams.
If you ask me Al-Qaeda could use a few less human bombs and hooded machete wielding thugs and more heads in their public relations department.
And what makes them so pathetic is that they, like PETA, do dumb shit like this over and over and over again and never seem to understand why they aren’t accomplishing any of the goals that they set out for themselves.
Honestly, how many people have quit eating KFC just because PETA was standing out front of franchises handing kids buckets of blood and chicken parts?
Was anyone under the impression that "chicken meat" didn’t come from a “chicken” before that little stunt?
Likewise, was anyone under the impression that the things that went on that Abu Ghraib prison were less condemnable before these cowards beheaded Nick Berg?
So at the end of the day what have you really done?
They say that you can always tell what scares your enemy by the means in which he uses to frighten you.
Evidently who ever signs off on these ideas that Al-Qaeda comes up with must be easily moved by barbaric Klingon acts of violence.
If you want to frighten your typical American you don’t pull this sort of stunt in Baghdad you do it in Cleveland.
There is a part of everyone over here that says, “that’s fucked up an all, don’t get me wrong, but that is why I am here and not over there.”
Once the news hits the wire that some Muhammad shoved a sword into the back of some guy out at one of his gas stations after he bought his morning coffee and donuts and drags his ass kicking and screaming into the stockroom behind the cooler where there are five masked me waiting with machetes and a camcorder to cut his head off, then we will panic...if it happens in Cleveland.
As long as it is happening over there and the people over there doing contract work for $2,000 a day are aware of the risk, we will be appalled, yes, and we will condemn it, yes, but we will also say that’s why I am not over there.

same difference

Videos depict Lynndie England fucking in front of prisoners
"She was having sex with numerous partners. It appeared to be consensual," said a lawmaker who saw the images.

US Gets Caught sexually abusing Iraqi Prisoners on film...among other things.
Whether it is “tolerated or not” I look at it like this, when you get captured by the enemy expect to be asked to play a few rounds of naked twister so that they can laugh at your expense. Hey, that is a lot better than getting shot dead by a contractor you've got to admit.

see the video

Source: London Telegraph

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