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'Matrix' co-creator Larry Wachowski set to become Linda Wachowski
What did you say was in that blue pill again? Which pill was it that turned your world upside down? Was it the blue or the red pill?
I don't care what pill you give me. Just don't accidentally give me the one Larry takes.
It's probably Premarin.
Larry Wachowski one half of the brother duo that brought you “The Matrix” is about to become Linda Wachowski surgically and otherwise.
Now I know what the Matrix purist are going to start doing if they haven’t started it already. They are going to head out to start to find clues in those three movies about Larry ’s struggles with being a biological man.
Then shortly after there will be web pages popping up all over that will swear up and down that in the background of certain scenes, if you look closely you can see Agent Smith putting on a camisole underneath his suit.
Apparently Larry has been living and dressing as a woman for some time, say people close to him according to the Chicago Sun Times.
When he and his wife got into that ugly divorce a few years back, I like most people assumed it was just over all that Matrix money that was rolling in.
I was one of them.
However without Lawrence Fishburn around feeding me blue pills to push me to see the clues right in front of my eyes, I didn’t.
When the rumors started about Larry ’s S&M dominatrix relationship he maintained with the owner of a Los Angeles area sex shop I figured it was just the kind of shit people say to make you look bad when you are fighting to get the house in your name.
Bells should have went off however when his estranged wife, Thea Bloom, dropped this bomb to the press, Larry has been “extremely dishonest with me in our personal life,” and that the initial separation papers cited their breakup as being based on "very intimate circumstances concerning which I do not elaborate at this time for the reasons of his personal privacy.''
Now that we know what we know that doesn’t sound like you caught Larry fucking the babysitter does it?
It was during the courtroom battles that it came out that he liked to cross-dress and his taste for “leaving the matrix” so to speak when it comes to his sexual tastes.
Let this be a lesson to the wise. You need to run like hell if you ever meet somebody that is too kinky for your tastes.
I know I sound like a sexually repressed American but I am serious, being kinky is not cute.
I like to fuck naked. I don’t need to get dressed up in a “gimp suit” and have you lock me up in a wooden coffin in the dungeon in the basement of the gun store to get sexually aroused.
Foreplay does not involve experimenting with electrical prods, taser guns, whips, duct tape or joy rides in to the country with me sedated and tied up in the trunk.
I don’t care how cute she is.
same difference

dykehawk poses as a boy so she can date 12-year-old girl
working on a tip from a neighbor she called "Jake's" father who told her that he didn't have a son…but he did have a dyke daughter.

Only In The City of the Freak. San Francisco to fund sex changes for city workers.
At least politically, misfits overrun San Francisco.

Source: Arizona Republic , Chicago Sun Tim es

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