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Americans Continue to Believe Iraq Supported Al Qaeda, Had WMD

This is best argument against democracy that I have heard since Plato made fun of the concept of democracy in The Republic.
Apparently this 2004 US presidential election is going to be a close “war” of its own and for the exact reason why ancient philosophers argued that Democracy is a joke.
You see the reasoning escaped them completely as to why you would put the fate of your government in the hands of the misinformed, ignorant but well intentioned.
Is that a dangerous combination or what?
You don’t have all the information, you are too ignorant to know that you don’t but you want to still do the right thing?
Apparently recent polls have confirmed what many of us that have found ourselves neck deep in debates over Dubya, his administration, this war in Iraq, how we go about fighting terror, our role in the new middle-east or our alliance with Israel have already suspected.
A majority of Americans (57%) continue to believe that before the war Iraq was providing substantial support to al Qaeda , including 20% who believe that Iraq was directly involved in the September 11 attacks. Forty-five percent believe that evidence that Iraq was supporting al Qaeda has been found. Sixty percent believe that just before the war Iraq either had weapons of mass destruction (38%) or a major program for developing them (22%).”
According to a new PIPA/Knowledge Networks poll if you think Dubya told the truth about Iraq and we need to be over there then 75% of you are going to vote for him in the 2004 presidential election.
If you think that Dubya lied about the WMDs and you’re embarrassed at the arrogance and blatant disrespect for the law and how that has made the country you love look in the eyes of the world 75% of you are going to vote against him in the 2004 election.
No other information or condition has had any impact whatsoever on how you feel about Dubs. This is the part that is worrisome regardless of what side you feel about this issue.
Mounting US troop fatalities has had much impact. Despite statements by Richard Clarke , David Kay , Hans Blix , Paul O’Neil , Collin Powell and others none of this has had an impact.
Basically if you support Bush you are entrenched in his support, if you are against Bush you are entrenched against him. There is nothing that is going to sway you against him if you are for him and there is nothing that is going to sway you for him if you are against him.
This election is personal. It has very little if anything to do with ideas. This has more of a makeup of a High school mock election for “most congenial”l than an election for the leader of the free world.
Like Bush said to Swedish Prime Minister Goran Perrson “It’s amazing I won. I was running against peace, prosperity and incumbency.” It makes no sense.
Now for the record, I don’t think any of this is new. I think it has always been this way. However that is why I agree with Plato that democracy is a joke. Not everyone should be allowed to vote for something this important. For democracy to work best there would have to be some fail safes put in place to guard against pure ignorance on the part of the voter. In other words, the system should be geared towards the quality of vote as opposed to the quantity of votes.
Here is an example of what I am talking about.
59% of Americans are completely unaware that the world public opinion is opposed to the US war with Iraq. Only 41% of the American public are aware of this.
21% said that they thought the majority of the world supported our efforts in Iraq with 38% saying that they thought that support and opposition to our role in Iraq was evenly balanced.
What the fuck?
Here is where the idiots really shine. Only 25% of Americans that are aware that the public opinion of the rest of the world is against our participation this war support it.
Which means that a vast majority of the Dubya supporters that support this war have no clue that the rest of the world is against it.
That totally blows me away because I can’t comprehend how that could even be possible. How far does your ass have to be up FOX news’ ass to not know that?
Now it would be different if you knew that the world public opinion was against us and you didn’t care. I know conservatives like that. That is different. This is not knowing at all. Where have you been? How could you not know that and still call yourself an informed voter? And if you know you aren’t an informed voter what business do you have voting at all? How can you be doing our country a service by exercising your right to vote? That would be like being completely deaf and giving music reviews.
How could you not know that world public opinion opposed the US going to war with Iraq ?
The Americans that thought world opinion was split, 70% of them said going to war was the right decision, and those who thought world opinion was overwhelmingly in our favor, well 88% of those support our reasons for going to war.
Only 22% of those who are aware of world public opinion on this war say that they intend to vote for President Bush’s re-election. Compared to 53% of those who felt world opinion was split and 71% who think the world supports us.
I knew a guy who on Christmas eve 2001 asked me who Al-Qeada was.
If I see him at a voting booth, I am going to tell him that he can’t vote because of the Grandfather clause and tell him if he has a problem with it he can take it up with the state attorney general…the next morning.

same difference

war propaganda is shameless
War deals in the currency of human life. The government keeps asking for more deposits but no one has the balls to ask what the balance looks like on the account.

patriot act being used against common criminals. surprise surprise.
Since the passing of the Patriot Act now a pipe bomb is legally considered a "weapon of mass destruction". Methamphetamine and crack cocaine are now 'chemical weapons'. Apparently that's what we went to Iraq looking for pipe bombs and crack pipes.

Source: PIPA

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