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Why Islamic Terrorist Have Lou

Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad told Lisbon 's Publica magazine "We don't make a distinction between civilians and non-civilians, innocents and non-innocents. Only between Muslims and unbelievers. And the life of an unbeliever has no value. It has no sanctity."
A non-Muslim life has no value huh?
Where in the Koran do you think they pulled that one from? I know for a fact that Jews and Christians were considered people of the book by Muhammad. So where in the world is he getting this from?
For those of you that like to make pseudo-intellectual comparisons between Islamic fundamentalist and let’s say…anyone else in the world, don’t.
There is absolutely no comparison between what this asshole just articulated and how anyone else I can think of views the world outside of Cobra Commander or Skeletor.
Even the fucking KKK saw value in keeping "the niggers" around…even if it was just to cut the grass, shine shoes and pick the cotton.
The life of an unbeliever has no value. It has no sanctity.”
He claims that an attack on London is inevitable because there are several Islamic militant groups that are preparing attacks on London all at once making such a strike unavoidable.
"It’s just a matter of time," He said.
In America we call that a blitz. A blitz is when you send more players charging at the quarterback than the offense have players to block them.
I guess the idea is to just “overload the London police so that they can’t stop all of us.”
In the typical “eye for an eye view of the world” you come to expect from a terrorist, Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad quickly tried to paint everyone he has “beef wit”, with the same Brush that he has been painted with, “The British are also terrorists. Terrorism is the law of the 21 st century. It’s legitimate.”
Ok, define terrorist for us without using the word Jew.
”It was important to see accusations of terrorism in their proper context,” he added.
And what context would that be?
When you have the stance that no one has a right to live but Muslims I find it very difficult to feel sorry for the assassination of Abdel Aziz Rantissi or Hamas founder Sheik Ahmed Yassin or anyone else that shares his way of thinking.
In other words, you get what you give.
There are many things that are consistent with all Islamic fundamentalist and one of those things is the belief that everyone in the world has done them wrong somehow.
They don’t distinguish between innocents and non-innocents because from their point of view the latter doesn’t exist.
Except of course, in their case, wherein they're always innocent.
They are even innocent when we catch them planning to kill us.
We are doing an injustice by preventing attacks on us because they are only carrying out Allah's will.
You know, I know you probably won't buy intio this Sheik but maybe the reason why your life is so fucked might not be because of infidels or Zionists but because of Karma.
I know you don’t believe in Karma but since when is belief necessary for something to be true?
Listen up, see I can look into things and twist them the way I want to see them too. Maybe, just maybe, your world view is so unapologetically, uncompromisingly patriarchal that every since you twisted the Islam that the prophet Muhammad brought to you from the mouth of Allah itself and made it this oppressive patriarchal machine that devalues the humanity of women, Allah has decided that until you set things back to the way he intended with women being equal to men in every way you will live in an existence of misery that you will create for yourself that will last so long that your very identity will be infused with the suffering bottom dog.
Ever think of that?
You see Karma says that you get what you give. Well if you have gotten nothing but your asses handed to you since the humiliating 6 day war in 1967 which spawned all of this fundamentalist reactionary shit in the first place, maybe it would do you good to take a look at what you are giving since we see what you have been receiving.
In a culture where women have virtually no rights, where it is believed that it is ordained by God that a woman obey her husband, where every time a woman is raped it is always her fault, regardless of the circumstances, where she is expected to take her life to save the family honor in the event of her being touched sexually by any man outside of her husband maybe you need to look at yourself.
As soon as the Taliban took power they outlawed women over the age of 12 to be educated.
Where is that in the Koran?
It isn’t.
In the holiest country in the Muslim world, Saudi Arabia, the media giving attention to domestic abuse is almost unheard of. Almost as unheard of as a terrorist coming from somewhere other than Saudi Arabia or Pakistan.
In 2004 women in Saudi Arabia are still not allowed to vote, drive, own a business or travel without permission from a male guardian.
And all of this is due to the will of Allah correct?
If I were Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad I would be careful about his position on non-believers. From where I stand, his brand of Islam is so perverted he would fit better standing with us rather than trying to masquerade like he is standing along side the Islam that Muhammad taught.

same difference

israelis to use pigs to sniff out terrorists
If using pigs instead of dogs to sniff out terrorist will keep people safe then fuck Abraham , Aaron and whoever else has something bad to say about pigs. We are using the fucking pigs. Get over it.

war propaganda is shameless
War deals in the currency of human life. The government keeps asking for more deposits but no one has the balls to ask what the balance looks like on the account.

Source: Associated Press

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