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Ric Flair Boards Airplane in nothing but his wrestling robe

Drugs. Just Don’t.
I have been a wrestling fan since I was 12-years-old. I haven’t kept up with it for the entire time, but I know how to appreciate it for what it is. It’s entertainment. It’s a live action b-movie. When it is done poorly, when it takes itself too seriously, it isn’t even tolerable. However, when it is done well, I put it up there with any other form of entertainment out there competing for your hard-earned dollar.
Ric "The Nature Boy" Flair, Scott Hall and Gold dust are being sued in Arizona ’s Maricopa County by flight attendants who allege the wrestlers sexually harassed them aboard a chartered airplane on their way back from Europe .
Among the allegations are that Ric Flair boarded the plane wearing nothing but his famous jeweled cape.
He allegedly flashed his cock and, also, over the course of the flight managed to force a flight attendant to touch it.
Scott Hall allegedly begged all night for someone to suck his cock and even licked the face of one of the flight attendants, while “I always thought he was gay” Gold dust allegedly grabbed one flight attendant and announced to everyone that he was going to have sex with her, no doubt on a dare to prove he is straight.
Nice try, Gold dust.
What kills me is the fact that Ric Flair, a personal icon of my childhood, of all people, would stoop so low as to think that jeweled capes are “sexy” outside of the trailer trash venues which made him famous.
And as if wrestling isn’t inherently gay enough, why are you boarding a plane wearing nothing but your boots and a jeweled cape?
Oh yeah I forgot.
When I was 14 I saw a NWA wrestling promotion live in Charleston, South Carolina, with my little brother. The nature Boy Ric Flair headlined the program. That was back with Ronnie Garvin had this gimmick where he would knock people out with one punch. They said he had “stone hands”.
I swear to God my father, my brother and I were the only people in that convention center that day that knew that this shit was fake.
For the first time in my life I knew what people were talking about when they poked fun at wrestling fans.
I watched security escort a fan out of the building for trying to climb into the ring to help Dusty Rhodes defeat Rick Flair for the World Heavyweight championship.
If he wanted to help Dusty, he should've taken some white out and made some changes on the final page of the script.
Whoa whoa whoa fella.
I didn’t mean to say “fake”. I understand your injuries are real and your pain is real. So don’t think you have to choke me out or something to prove to me that you know how to really apply a sleeper hold on someone. I am merely referring to the fact that you aren’t really applying a sleeper hold when you are out there in the middle of the ring, fake fighting, with your opponent.
That is why they have a word for when people really start fighting out there. That is called “shooting”. The reason they have a term for real fighting is so they can distinguish between that and what you normally do.
You know stunt men get hurt all the time flopping around all over the place too. You don’t see them getting upset when people remind them that they are really actually making a movie.
Maybe the difference is that 90% of wrestling stars are washed up athletes that had to trade in their football uniforms for glitter tights, fluorescent purple boots, a mask and a stage name like “The Great Mysterio”.
Hmm, that takes us back to the drugs.
So I said wrestling was fake? What are you going to prove by really kicking my ass?
Why don’t you get out there in the ring and really kick his ass. Punch him once without stomping on the canvas when you do it. Hit him with a garbage can or a folding chair that is just a tad bit thicker than a cookie sheet.
Personally I am embarrassed that such an icon as The Nature Boy Ric Flair would stoop so low as to have to flash his wrinkled titties at a flight attendant on SportsJet to get someone to touch his cock.
I bet in the 80s when he had Space Mountain thing going on he didn’t have to resort to flashing stewardesses to get attention.
Now back then at every venue he wrestled he was only one trailer park or one NASCAR race track away from the night of his life.
Then, again, back then he didn’t have a training bra.
Back then it was probably Dusty Rhodes who was doing all the flashing.

same difference

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Source: The Arizona Republic

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