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I am writing to comment about the main issue in your article.  I was sitting at home, wondering why in the world Bush was compared to Hitler .  I typed in to a search engine, "Bush Hitler Protestors".  Behold, your site was the first one on the list, and I decided to take a look around.

I have a serious problem with you people:  I think Bush does a good job.  I support him.  I don't hold up any signs, but, I support him.  You shouldn't be calling Bush a pussy, you should be calling all the Europeans who were against the war pussies.  Spain was bombed a few days before the election, and now they pulled out their troops.  That's just the way that all the terrorists want to win.  They want to intimidate, and then, through violence, they get their way. 

Anyway, I found some flaws in your article.  Such as:

"I understand the motorcade, blocking off streets and all of that, but setting up a baseball field sized area with chain-link fence a third of a mile from wherever he is going to be, in conjunction with knowing that he won't even speak unless you promise to stand up and applaud him is dictatorial you have to admit."

But, a paragraph or so later, you say:

"Like I said, I am not saying he is a dictator..."

But aren't you labeling him with DICTATORIAL behavior???  How am I supposed to be reading your article without thinking how backwards your statements are????

Another thing, do you know WHY they put the fences that far away?  To PROTECT the president, probably.  Did you think of that?  So many people these days are against him it seems,  it's no wonder people aren't thinking of assassinating him.  Besides, are you POSITIVE you know the reason that they mark off a section that big?  Has the SS told you personally why they mark off a section so big like that????  They haven't told me either, but it is more RATIONAL to assume the reason of "protection". 

I won't admit that Bush is dictatorial.  If a president, even Clinton , wants a fence set up like Bush, I don't think that's dictatorial.  All the presidents probably need alot of protection and just as much as Bush. For exmple John F. Kennedy should've gotten that protection probably, but oh wait--he's dead.  Maybe, JUST MAYBE, they're being a little more cautious these days with the president's life.

And, what the hell are you talking about when you say protestors aren't allowed near him who are against him?  They are outside of the whitehouse, and all over tv.  Oh, I guess Bush doesn't watch the tv.  Or, just because they are not exactly, 3 inches away from him, they don't count.  Whether they are around him or not, I am pretty damn sure that he knows about them.  Everyone critisizes Bush.  Of course, no country can have a leader that doesn't critisize Bush, unless you are living in a dictator-ruled country.

If you were president, would you want people near you, yelling at how your policies suck, and how bad of a president you are, and how much they disagree with EVERY DECISION YOU MAKE????  And even if they weren't in front of you, or around you, I'm sure that you would hear of them and others who disagree with the way that you lead your country.  

I believe that Bush is the best president for our country right now because he stands up for what he believes in, and he has morals and principles.  For example, he stands up against gay marriage because he believes that it is wrong, as do I.  He stands up to very evil dictators like Saddam who have killed thousands of his OWN people.  No one else will stand up to all the evil that is going on in Iraq , but Bush will.  I actually feel you are comparing Bush to the wrong person.  I think that Bush is alot like Winston Churchill .  He was the only one who believed Hitler was a very evil man, but nobody would support his belief...until they were all bombed and taken over by the Germans.  Same with Bush--He was almost alone in his belief that Iraq needed to be taken care of and that we needed to declare a war.  He was willing to stand up and have the attitude of, "we need to do something about this because no one else will!"

Such strong protests are practically terrorist acts.  I agree with the people you hate.  When you have a sign that says, "Fuck you Dubya", you're also saying, "Fuck all the decisions you've made".  Am I right?  Well, then, he has made a stand against terrorism.  Are you for terrorism?  Or, are you against it?  Because, if you are against it, I would think that you would stand with Bush with his decisions about the war.  Obviously, you are somewhat for terrorism because you oppose his decision "zealously".

If you hate Bush so much and the conditions with the government that you live in everyday, why don't you move out of the country?  I believe you suggested, " Cuba "...Yeah, and you oppose Bush so much for his "dictatorship", or whatever the hell you call it?  And I suppose that Cuba has a better leader than Bush?

You make alot of sense.

same difference

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Source: Emily Scharen

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