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cult claims to find 'eternal youth' formula

The cult that never proved that they cloned a human is now claiming they have discovered a way of reversing the ageing process which they will no doubt refuse to prove they did as well.
Is it just me or do the Raelians seem to be a little more ambitious than they are technical?
I mean they are all about releasing statements and holding press conferences about how they can clone this or that, about how they can communicate telepathically, and now the latest, reverse the aging process, but they have a horrible track record with proving to anyone that they can do any of the things they claim to be able to do.
It's for this reason that I have found their press conferences get kinda annoying after a while.
They are like the pseudo-scientific version of those evangelist that punch people in the chest on stage to cure their leukemia.
I mean unless you go to these "traveling Christian revival" things in hope that they call your number so you can get on stage and have someone punch you in the head with the blessing of God and cure your Spina Bifida these things get old quick.
The Raelians say that by using stem cells they have discovered a way to shorten aging DNA which stretches over time.
But that is the point; they say a lot of things.
I am sure "in theory" one could shovel enough anti-matter into a warp coil, fire that bitch up and get it to bend time and space but like I said, that's in theory.
Don't start holding press conferences because you have a cool idea for a new novel.
Now they claim that the impeachment of South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun because his government denied His Holiness Rael's entry to Korea .
"Roh's predicament was a direct consequence of alien ire over President Roh Moo-hyun government's refusal to allow Rael to visit South Korea last year."
So aliens were pissed off that he snubbed Real so he had him impeached.
So much for these aliens abiding by the prime directive huh?
Rael, whose real name is Claude Vorilhon said he had an extraterrestrial encounter in 1973 and it was then that he was told to help prepare the way for an alien return to earth.
Well if that is true, that we need to prepare for an alien invasion why isn't he passing out shotguns out the back of a truck and handing out flyers about water conservation and the proper way to operate a over the shoulder rocket launcher?
If aliens are coming and he is trying to sell us that they are peaceful then I have to wonder what's in it for him?
Did they promise not to cook and eat him too if he did his part to pacify us?
You don't confide in somebody that you are coming to take over their planet unless you need a little help getting them, how should I say, "on the same page," if you know what I mean?
Fucking sell out.

same difference

presidential candidates position on UFOs could decide 2004 election
Dubya better brush up on his Klingon. I heard Wesley Clark has all of the X-files on DVD.

Are Aliens Playing Matchmaker.Or Pimp?
Of course aliens have been involved in pimping. Do you really think that ugly dude we have all seen walking around the mall with that really gorgeous young girl could get that beautiful girl without a Jedi mind trick?

Source: London Evening Standard

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