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chainsaw boob job endorses porn star stereotype

There's this stereotype, I am sure you are aware of it, that strippers and porn stars (that is, if you bother to make a distinction) are stupid.
And like all stereotypes, you find some people that fit them while others that don't.
The ones that don't fit the stereotype always want to stand on top of the table, screaming at the top of their lungs while fanning SOS smoke signals into the sky, "I'm different! Look at me I'm not like them!"
And like the "it only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch" cliché we all know so well, it only takes one person to fit the stereotype to ruin it for everyone else.
No one cares about the stripper that worked in the club, saved her money, paid her way through school with it and is now a practicing Reproductive Endocrinologist somewhere in Uptown Manhattan.
The one that you always remember is the one that fit the stereotype.
You always remember the old black dude that always ate watermelon and played the fiddle at many of the company's functions.
You always remember the blond that really did forget her middle name.
You always remember the Asian family that actually did run a laundry mat and had the "ancient Chinese secret" going on.
You always remember the Arab that did turn out to have ties to al-Qaeda.
You always remember the angry black militant in college that was going to lead a pro-black revolution against whitey that graduated and promptly married a blond, blue-eyed white suburban girl named "Krissy".
Those are the people who we remember because when are looking at people we are not looking to challenge our accepted beliefs, we are looking to find those that endorse them.
So the paranoid white middle class gun owner living in suburbia really does see gang bangers whenever he steps out of his house and the Arab always notices the Jew behind everything wrong with the world.
Ok, well prepare yourself because this one is going to take all the advancements that strippers and porn stars have enjoyed over the past few years while they have become more mainstream back a few decades.
A German porn star actually let a man attempt to use a chainsaw to remove her bra.
As in, while she was still wearing it.
According to performance artist Marko Koenig who was trying to remove her bra with the chainsaw, she was lying down and suddenly bent forward just as he was apply the saw to her bra.
"I couldn't pull back the chainsaw quickly enough and cut her breast and stomach. It was terrible," he told Bild.
All in the name of performance art, which really isn't art in the first place. It's just the only "art" that Germans can do besides film and world conquest.

same difference

the hazards of fucking for a living are a real health drain
Well if my suspicions are true about licking asshole being inherently wrong, I shouldn't need to look any further than Mr. Sata who no doubt caught something, pulled something or dislocated something while doing it.

Art Instructors Complain Cartoon Women's Breast Are Too Big
Here I was thinking that I was the only one that thought the point of video games was the realistic portrayal of life.

Source: Reuters

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