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Remember Jordan? She was that busty British porn star that got dumped by the high school kid.
Well apparently she is the latest and greatest to have a porn flick "accidentally" released on the black market.
Most recently it was Julius Erving aka "Dr. J" of NBA fame to have his sex tape released to the press, except his was legitimate.
I am not too sure about these other people.
So now following along the lines of Pam and Tommy , that dude from Poison and the infamous Paris Hilton tape, now we have the 32 FF Jordan.
Personally I think this one has the potential to be the best one.
I think everyone in entertainment should seriously consider filming one of their sexcapades and coordinating and "accidental" release of the tape to the public.
I think it's particularly smart if you are a woman and you'd benefit from a little publicity. Why if you are a woman would it be smart but maybe not if you are a man?
I am still not convinced that women are actual fans of porn.
Sure they watch it with us but I am not sure how many women out there actually consider a night on the couch alone with a stack of porn DVDs a nice evening in.
I actually know women that don't ever masturbate.
The desire to have sex in women is still too intimately attached to their emotional side. As far as I am concerned that makes them so fundamentally different than men that I am amazed that we are taxonomically close enough as species to produce offspring.
Now that I am single again I scan the singles web sites and I constantly see women writing things like "Quit sending me pictures of your cock! I want to get to know you first!"
You know what I would do to get women sending pictures of their breasts to me?
You would never hear me saying, "Damn it. Quit sending me pictures of your tits, asses and pussies please. I want to get to know you first!"
That is fucking ridiculous.
So if you are a women make a tape and release it. No one can blame you if it is "accidentally" released right?
You're the victim in all of this.
Wink wink.
If you are having sex with your husband then the Jesus Freaks can't say shit.
What? Is it a sin now to film yourself having sex with your husband?
Have they added that one to the list yet?
That is what you are supposed to do, fuck your husband.
Plus, as far as your story goes the tape was stolen or lost. You had nothing to do with it.
You have a "buddy" of yours sell the tape on the internet, make millions then you sue him for your pre-agreed 50% of the profits.
You claim this friend of yours betrayed your trust by selling the tape and having it released to the public.
Play it up.
Well Jordan, the ultra-beautiful British busty model recently famous from her appearance on "I'm A Celebrity" made a porno film that has surfaced on the black market called "Who Let the Dogs Out?"
People are saying she is afraid that this tape is going to jeopardize all of these new fans she has won over from participating in the British reality television show "I'm A Celebrity".
Is she kidding?
The tape consists of four minutes of scenes in which Jordan gives him a blow job before moving into a bedroom to have full intercourse with him.
The sex film, shot on a hand-held camcorder, shows the heart-shaped tattoo which Jordan - real name Katie Price - admitted having in 2001. The video, made while she was in the early stages of her pregnancy.
How could this possibly hurt? Or another way of putting it, how could this not help her?
Every guy that tuned into that show to watch her wanted to see her naked and getting fucked.
The only downside to this film is that the film highlights her having sex while she is visibly pregnant with son Harvey .
I'm not into preggo porn.
I can't stop thinking that the guy is poking the little kid in the forehead with his cock.
However, apparently at the end of the four minute tape which was shot on a handheld camcorder the credits read: The End (Until the next guy films the silly cow). So at least it ends with a laugh.

same difference

See the film here.

no fewer than 10 different paris hilton amateur porn tapes have surfaced
as many people as Paris Hilton has been with sexually I think using the term "intimate" is hardly appropriate when talking about her sex life.

High School Kid Dumps Older Big Tit Model
Getting angry at her for fucking other men is like getting angry at a dog for barking. That is what dogs do, they bark, that is how they communicate. Sucking dick for a porn star/glamour model is absolutely no different. It's how they communicate.

Source: shortnews.com
"Raw" written by Nkrumah Shabazz Steward, creator, 8bm.com

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