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christian physicist/astronomer says UFOs are really demons

Hugh Ross, a Christian physicist and astronomer, has studied UFO phenomena for years. He knows that not all the UFO evidence can be easily explained away.
In fact some of it can't be.
Some UFO evidence is exactly that, credible evidence.
Apparently within the vicinity of reported UFOs, investigators have found "deep soil compressions - including crushed rock - and altered soil and rock chemistry. Pilots encountering UFOs report disruptions in radar, radio, and compass operations. Animals become greatly agitated in the presence of UFO phenomena. And some humans who have seen UFOs claim to experience temporary blindness, burns, and internal bleeding."
So how does a Christian physicist /astronomer interpret that data differently than the old plain Jane, run-of-the-mill physicist/ astronomer?
Well first of all let's look at how he describes himself, a Christian physicist and astronomer. What does his faith have to do with being a physicist or an astronomer? A physicist is simply a scientist that studies physics; physics being the scientific study of the natural or material world and phenomena.
An astronomer is simply one who specialized in astronomy; Astronomy being the scientific study of matter in outer space, especially the positions, dimensions, distribution, motion, composition, energy, and evolution of celestial bodies and phenomena.
So why qualify yourself as a Christian physicist or a Christian astronomer?
I think because he just wants to give you a heads up that his job is not to study something and form a conclusion but rather to take a conclusion and find evidence to support it.
Just like there is no such thing as something breaking the laws of physics. It only appears that way because you haven't defined the law properly.
Hugh Ross in his book Lights in the Sky and Little Green Men "says that UFOs must be nonphysical, because they disobey the laws of physics. For instance, they may be detected by radar but not seen, or they're seen but not detected by radar. They make impossibly sharp turns and sudden stops, disappear and reappear. They melt asphalt and burn grass without fire or flame."
His explanation for this "Only one kind of being favors the dead of night and lonely roads. Only one is real but nonphysical, animate, powerful, deceptive," and "bent on wreaking psychological and physical harm." It seems apparent, says Ross, "that UFOs, if there are such things, "must be associated with the activities of demons."
That is why there is no such thing as a "Christian scientist". A "Christian scientist" is not a scientist for the same reason mythology shouldn't be taught in science class. Ancient stories dealing with supernatural beings, ancestors, or heroes used to explain aspects of the natural world is not science.
You can be a scientist and be a Christian but a scientist doesn't say that we have all of this currently unexplainable phenomena in front of us and since we can't explain it the it must be the work of The Mighty Thor!
Every time the sun starts firing solar flares at us and burning up our satellite equipment I need you to find the explanation in your research findings not in Ezekiel 36:20.
Jesus freaks are so desperate for secular validation it is sad really. In their writings you can routinely find things like "other researchers - including secular scholars agree" because whether they want to admit it or not being a secular scholar carries far more weight than just being a Jesus freak.
When they go to the doctor do you think they want a doctor to be examining their x-rays not scouring through John 13:8 to find out if they have a tumor?
They won't deny this. If Pat Robertson gets a stomach pain tomorrow is he going to be waiting in line to get on stage and let some traveling evangelist lay "his hands on him" or is he going to the Mayo Clinic?
So they find quotes from like Jacques Vallee who said "The UFO phenomenon represents evidence for other dimensions that simply cannot be understood apart from their psychic and symbolic reality. What we see here is not an alien invasion it is a spiritual system that acts on humans and uses humans."
They will then find quotes from J. Allen Hynek who said that UFOs cause physical effects "in the same way that a poltergeist can produce very real physical effects." or UFO specialist John Keel, who concluded that victims of what he calls "demonomania" suffer the same medical and emotional symptoms as UFO contactees.
All of which is supposed to make you believe that ET was actually a demon "bent on wreaking psychological and physical harm" and somehow this is also a commonly held belief among agnostics and atheists scientists who have a hard time believing in UFO's the first palce let alone come to an agreement that they are demons. And while we're at it I bet they also believe no doubt that dirty Jew Spielberg made ET out to be a harmless, loveable, ugly sumofvabitch because Jews killed Jesus and he is going to hell anyway.

same difference

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Dubya better brush up on his Klingon. I heard Wesly Clark has all of the X-files on DVD.

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Fuck, Darth Vader destroyed entire star systems looking for rebels with less information than this.

Source: 700club.com

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