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indian children 'buried alive' to appease gods
There is only one reason why people worship God and that's because they believe that in some way it must be advantageous to do so.
So basically, it's still all about you and what you get or expecting to get out if it.
That is the difference between being spiritual and being religious to me. The spiritual person determines what is right or wrong based on the principle of it. Whether you use a deontological or a utilitarian approach to arriving at your convictions you still made your decision on principle.
The religious on the other hand, go along throughout life doing a lot of shit that they don't even necessarily agree with out of what is almost like a contractual agreement to follow the code of law so they can get their 72 sex obsessed cock sucking virgins, everlasting life, or whatever it is that defines their heaven.
Every five to seven years in India more than 100 children are buried alive as part of a 400-year ritual to appease two female Gods, Muthukuzhi Mariamman and Kaliamman, both incarnations of the Hindu goddess of destruction, Kali.
The ceremony is known as Kuzhi Maatru Thiruvizhaa , which translates as festival of pits.
Although some Indians have protested against this ritual of "burying your children alive" on grounds that "this is the reason we catch so much hell" the police and politicians are reluctant to do anything because their just aren't enough of complaints from the general public.
Although only prepubescent females are allowed to take part in the ritual there is no age restriction on the boys.
Apparently the only prep on the part of the parents is to make sure that the kids are too exhausted to try and wriggle free from their graves.
The child must be unconscious at the time of the burial and if they aren't, the parents are fined a monetary fee.
They are completely covered with dirt and are only exhumed after the priest says that a minute has passed.
This is fucked up because a minute is a standard measurement of time, you would think that anyone should be able to say when a minute has passed.
C.Durairaj, Tamil Nadu's minister for Housing and Urban Development, who was guest of honor at the ritual in Perayur, told The Indian Express: "I went there and witnessed the festival on the invitation of the community which organized it. I've nothing more to say."
My uncle and his beautiful wife decided against having children, officially, because they didn't want Jesus to come back before their children could grow up to be old enough to accept Jehovah as the one and only true God and have to sit there and watch Jesus lop their children's heads off for not being true believers.
Well although I understand why that could be a problem, having to sit there and watch God's emissary mercilessly chop your kids head off, what I don't understand is that if you thought God was capable of doing something like that, then why do you worship it in the first place?
The fact that Jesus would lop the head off of a kid should be the problem on the principle of it.
The fact that you didn't have children doesn't change anything.
He is still the same asshole that would have chopped their heads off if you had.
The spiritual person has a problem with that on general principle.
Obviously the Gods they're appeasing in this burying ritual don't want you to fake killing your own children. They're kinda expecting that you go through with it. It's one of those things that is just kinda implied.
They are expecting to come down and find 100 asphyxiated prepubescent girls and boy corpses.
I'm guessing the kind of God that will be disappointed not to find 100 corpses in her children farm is not the kind of God you want to piss off.
So what do you think happens when they show up and see that you have dug everybody up? Do you think they laugh about it and just say, "Aw shucks, it looks like they got us again!"
Why would you worship something that you could outsmart as easily as out waiting their 1 minute attention span? If I were to worship a God it would have to impress me by its character. It would need to be something worth respecting or admiring, something that holds qualities that I look up to or would like to emulate in myself.
I guess being able to strike people down with lightning bolts at will fulfills all of those criteria to a certain extent, or at least I can see how someone could see it that way, but to me that would be like settling for less. Like marrying a woman because she is gorgeous not because she has a head on her shoulders or that you have a lot in common with.
I'm looking for a God that presents its case with sound, solid logic rather than pestilence, famine, lightning bolts and locust swarms.
Do you know of any?
same difference

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Source: The Indian Express, Ananova

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