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xxxchurch degrades midgets to get you to stop looking at porn

I came across this website xxxchurch.com and at first I thought it was a joke. For starters it's an anti-porn site named "XXXchurch". I think mistaking it for a joke when it starts to bash porn is an honest mistake.
The url "XXXChruch" made me think that it was porn site for people that fantasize about being being sexually assaulted by sexually aggressive Nuns that don't take no for an answer.
I was sadly mistaken.
Here I was thinking, "is this the behind the scenes shit that you aren't going to get at your traditional Sunday service?"
Are they going to get into the graphic details about how Lot screwed and impregnated his own daughters because his daughters felt he needed a little imbreed son to look after to get his mind off the fact that God had turned their mother into salt?
If a story like that was in any other context than the Good Book John Ashcroft would be trying to find a way to toss you in jail for writing about it.
Since it's in the Bible I guess it's just what you need to save your soul.
I guess what they say it true, one man's lack of serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value is another man's meal ticket to 72 virgins?
Well the guy who runs XXXChurch, Pastor Craig Gross has apparently created what is being called the world's first anti-porn TV commercial.
In it he uses midgets to say that porn stunts your growth.
See that is brilliant. Be vague about it. Saying porn "stunts your growth" is like saying something's "New and Improved" or that you've added "50% more!"
You've added 50% more of what? What exactly is "New and Improved"? For all we know you could be referring to the box. Porn stunts the growth of what? Your spiritual growth? Your intellectual growth? What?
See I have a simple philosophy about all of this.
First, if you have to lie to get your point across that should be clue number one that maybe you don't have a case?
I mean, stunts your growth? Like how, through osmosis?
Apparently Pastor Gross asked the midget how he felt about being humiliated in his anti-porn propaganda commercial and the midget responded that he'd done more degrading things.
Well that's nice.
"I've done more degrading things."
That's nice. God is going to humiliate you for the world to see but at least he is paying you and you've said yourself that you've had worse jobs?
It's not politically correct but Gross says, these days, even the Lord has to use the "Jackass" mentality to get his message across to the young men most susceptible to pornography addiction.
Really? What ever happened to using facts? The truth isn't persuasive anymore or is it just that since no one uses it anymore no one recognizes it when they see it?
You'd think if God didn't want us to read porn he could just put ugly chicks in it or just rub his nose like they do on Bewitched and magically lower the testosterone in our bodies because that is pretty much where it all starts doesn't it?
It's not complicated. Ever since I was 12 and that shit started flowing through my body I have wanted to sincerely fuck nearly every decent looking woman I have ever seen in my life.
I swear to you I wasn't like this when I was 8 years old.
When I was 8 years old tits were nice but they didn't have shit on a Han Solo in his Hoth outfit with the Tauntauns and the Imperial Walker set.
After the age of 12 I didn't even want to see a Princess Leia action figure if she couldn't get naked.
I can't wait until this testosterone shit starts to taper off again because life was a lot less complicated during my first childhood and I don't suspect it will be any different in my second.

same difference

porn gets the blame for creating a 7-year-old porn addict
I can only imagine the kind of person I would've turned out to be had I actually seen Linda Carter topless in a film taking a facial or Jaclyn Smith or Kate Jackson going at it on my toy box as a kid.

200,000 people maybe addicted to Web Porn. Is that all? 
Porn Is A Billion Dollar A Year Industry. With That Said I Question Your Numbers.

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