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iraqi women say islamic law will put them back in the middle ages
Ok, let me get this straight.
You get mad at me for saying that Islamic fundamentalists are backwards, right?
Because as you put it "I am not being "fair"."
Then today in Iraq where women had enjoyed some of the most modern legal protections in the Muslim world, they watched all of that slip away when the new U.S.-backed Iraqi interim puppet government voted to wipe out all the modern laws regarding woman and reinstitute the strict Islamic legal doctrine.
And what was the first thing the women said when they learned that the U.S.-backed Iraqi Governing Council had voted to wipe the modern laws off the books and install sharia ?
I quote, " This new law will send Iraqi families back to the Middle Ages ," said Zakia Ismael Hakki , a female retired judge and outspoken opponent of the new order. "It will allow men to have four or five or six wives. It will take away children from their mothers. It will allow anyone who calls himself a cleric to open an Islamic court in his house and decide about who can marry and divorce and have rights. We have to stop it."
Going back to the middle-ages...that is pretty backwards.
In 1959, civil family law had been developed and amended under a series of secular governments in Iraq with the intention of giving women a "half-share in society" and an opportunity to advance as individuals, no matter what their religion.
Get that? A secular government. This wasn't a "faith based" government. This wasn't a "God is the cornerstone of our legal system" government.
This was a secular government.
A government with no vested interest in what myth you find particularly insightful.
"This will send us home and shut the door, just like what happened to women in Afghanistan ," said Amira Hassan Abdullah , a Kurdish lawyer who spoke at a protest meeting Thursday. Some Islamic laws, she noted, allow men to divorce their wives on the spot.
Let's face it; God should be kept as far away as possible from all aspects of government.
If you haven't noticed God is not big on human rights, civil rights or rights, period.
There are some aspects of Islam for example, that are so unapologetically male-chauvinistic that it is damn near God endorsed institutionalized bigotry.
And in that regard, our Bill of rights is the most American and unquestionably un-Godlike document ever conceived.
It presupposes that you have inalienable rights.
Which means that just because God doesn't like your golden donkey doesn't mean he gets to poison your Manna, turn your wife to salt or toss you in the belly of a whale. It presupposes that there is a basic level of human dignity that we are all entitled to by the simple fact that we have drawn a breath, regardless of your age, gender, race, creed, nationality or area code.
Iraqi women say that Islamic conservatives on the U.S.-backed Iraqi Governing Council are trying to be slick about imposing retrograde views of women on a chaotic postwar Iraq .
I know how they feel.
Bush thought he was slick when he signed the Patriot Act II into law on the same day he gave the OK for US soldiers to pull Saddam out of a snake hole to distract the press from covering the most un-American piece of legislation to be signed into law since the Supreme Court heard the Dred Scott Case in 1857 and concluded that Negroes had "no rights which any white man was bound to respect ."
We have the same problem with conservatives in this country too ladies.
If you can figure out how to make them grow up let us know. We can compare notes.

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