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muslim cleric convicted of "how to beat the shit out your wife" manual

Mohamed Kamal Mustafa is a Muslim cleric in Spain who wrote a book that advised men how to beat up their wives without leaving incriminating marks.
He was sentenced to 15 months in jail for it.
In his defense, he says that he is opposed to violence against women and had been simply interpreting the Koran.
Yeah, right.
Is this an example of the west oppressing Islam?
Is some fundamentalist going to come blow up a bus station now somewhere in Madrid because Mustafa has been wrongly convicted by the Christian horde?
What part of this story do I not understand? Where did I misinterpret the Klingon cultural subtleties where this can be placed in the warm bosom of its proper context and not offend my sensibilities?
In his book, Mustafa wrote that in disciplining a disobedient wife: "The blows should be concentrated on the hands and feet using a rod that is thin and light so that it does not leave scars or bruises on the body."
Now at one point in time it was a common law tradition allowing men to beat their wives with impunity in the west, particularly in England where the term "Rule of Thumb" first appeared referring to the fact that you shouldn't beat your woman with anything wider than your thumb.
So it's not like here in the west we didn't ever go through a period where we didn't look down upon beating the shit out of our bitch.
It's just that, that was in 16fucking92.
That is over 300 years ago.
Only adding further proof to my theory that the interpretation of Islam adopted by Islamic fundamentalism is backward.
And to think at one point in time Muslims were the forerunners of advancement in the world.
It just goes to show how fucking Conan the world was back then that we would look towards Islam for progressive thought.
In a sentence Islamic fundamentalist redefine conservative.
How so?
They want religion taught in schools, so do our backwards ass conservatives.
They won't rest until they make everyone in the world just like them, just like our conservatives.
They think they are doing you a service by converting you to their religious point of view. Sparing you from eternal damnation, just like our home grown variety.
No matter how backwards and ass out their ideas are they can all be explained away as "God just working in mysterious ways" just like our conservatives .
They believe that the world is heading straight to hell in a hand basket, just like our conservatives.
They believe they are constantly being wronged by everyone, just like our conservatives.
So how do they redefine conservative?
The difference is that our conservatives are some of the clearest examples of text book hypocrites that you'd ever want to see.
However if this guy says that you should beat your wife cause Allah said so you can bet your bottom dollar there are some ass kickings being dealt in that household in all their holy glory.
The Angel Gabrielle came down from heaven and wanted to make it clear to Muhammad that God wants you to beat your wife, but to do it in such a way to avoid suspicion and prosecution from the local authorities?
Well I guess he did if you listen to this guy.

same difference

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