chloe sevigny is really giving head in her “brown bunny” sex scene
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Chloe Sevigny Blow Job QueenMovie actress Chloe Sevigny has been released by the William Morris Management Agency because in her latest movie “Brown Bunny” she really gave her co-star Vincent Gallo a blow job during a love scene.
Real, as in a genuine a lips to dick, dick to the back of the throat blow job.
No acting.
"The scene was one step above pornography, and not a very big one. William Morris now feels that her career is tainted and may never recover, especially after rumors began circulating about the even more graphic out takes that didn't make it into the actual film," a source told Page Six.
I had no idea that this woman shared the same planet as me until today…and now she is my new favorite actress.
I can’t tell you of any movie that she has ever been in, but I won’t miss her next film that is for sure.
There is something extraordinarily sexy about a woman that likes to give head.
I dunno what it is.
Oh yes I do. What's so sexy about her is that she likes to give head.
And Chloe Sevigny must like to give head because nowhere in the script did it say “this is where you take it in the face”.
She thought of this all by herself.
Then again maybe she doesn’t like to give head.
Maybe she’ll pull a Linda Lovelace 20 years from now when she is an old fat Jesus freak touring the "don't touch yourself you'll go blind" circuit and she will claim that someone had a gun to her head just off camera the entire time.
Fact: I am more interested in a woman that sucks dick than one that doesn’t.
Fact: I am not alone.
No woman in human history has ever lost male interest because she loved to swallow his babies.
And to the critics that will say that her career is tainted now because she gave this guy head, who are you kidding?
Sure every time they hear the name Chloe Sevigny you will think, “isn’t that the chick that gives real head in films?”
And that is the point.
I’ be honest with you, If sucking dick made you a star there wouldn’t be a B-list in Hollywood.
There still is that x-factor called talent.
If she doesn’t have any, this won’t even help her career.
But if she does have talent, let me introduce you to Alanis Morrisette.
"is she perverted like me? Will she go down on you in a theater?"
That's it. Multi-platinum.
The dick reference sparked my interest her talent took her the rest of the way.
So in short, if she sucks dick I am handing the cashier at Best Buy my debit card.
Shit, if the movie studios were smart Chloe Sevigny should start getting leading roles.
You think it never occurred to anyone at Fox that Paris Hilton’s amateur porno helped promote the show?
Of course it did.
There wasn’t an article written about that XXX tape that didn’t mention that she was going to be on a Fox Reality Series alongside Lionel Richie’s sexy ass cracked out adopted daughter.
People are watching The Simple Life because of Paris Hilton’s amateur porno tape not, in spite of it.
Chloe Sevigny’s spokesperson Amanda Horton told Page Six that her crossing over to rival agency Endeavor had nothing to do with the blow job fiasco.
"After being represented by William Morris for eight years, last summer, Ms. Sevigny decided that she no longer wished to be represented by the agency. At no time did William Morris try and 'drop' Ms. Sevigny, as any official representative from William Morris would tell you if they weren't all on vacation."
Yeah, ok.
same difference

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Lisa Marie Presley has never been shy about stating the obvious.

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I wouldn't want to sleep with her. I'd be afraid she might get carried away and shit on me or something.

Source: NY Post
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