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the architect of saudi religious curriculum advocates slavery

When I was a kid I had to come inside from playing as soon as the street lights came on. It didn't matter what I was doing, what I was in the middle of, that was the signal.
The reason being, at least in part, was that my parents believed that the "bad kids" didn't have a curfew and typically begin getting into shit no sooner than could begin to move around under the cover of nightfall.
I feel that way about mainstream Muslims; I want to warn them, "Listen, when I was a kid, the street lights coming on was a signal where the kids that had parents at home that gave a shit about them separated from the kids that were basically raising themselves like Lord of the Flies".
When Muslim sociopaths start to run their propaganda across Al-Jazeera that is your opportunity to show people like me this stark contrasts between the side of planet Klingon where they are coming from and the one that you are coming from.
Every blue moon I get an angry e-mail from a Muslim that says that I am being prejudiced towards Islam by what I am reading in the western media concerning Islamic fundamentalist.
"These people don't represent real Islam."
Then shit like this happens.
Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan the main author of the Saudi religious curriculum, the author of the religious books read by 5 million Saudi students in Saudi Arabia said in one of his lectures recorded on a cassette and obtained exclusively by SIA news that he supports the legalization of slavery .
He refuted the idea that the Islam can be used as a useful tool to abolish slavery and to promote equality between the races.
"They are ignorant, not scholars," he said of people who express such opinions. "They are merely writers. Whoever says such things is an infidel."
"Slavery is a part of Islam," he says in the tape, adding: "Slavery is part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long there is Islam."
This isn't coming from some guy that is living in a cave somewhere looking over schematics of Boeing 747-400 jumbo jets while eating rations left behind from the soviet Afghan war.
This is coming from the man in charge of writing Saudi religious curriculum.
He is supposed to know his shit, right?
On top of his offering his unequivocal support for the legalization of slavery and putting to rest once and for all, all that "non-sense" that Islam supports "equality between the races", he also said that "most Muslims are polytheists, and their blood and money are therefore free for the taking by "true Muslims.""
So on top of supporting slavery and racial superiority he also supports the killing of "fake Muslims" by so called true Muslims sociopaths that are just giddy with excitement that there are people out there who Allah put on this earth just to be disemboweled and have their shit ganked.
I'm sorry, but from where I am sitting, if I needed to count on someone to lead this world towards a utopia of brotherly love, equality and peace for all man-kind, the last place I am going to go to find him is the middle-east.
And yeah, this Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan could be the Saudi answer to Jimmy Swaggart but if you haven't noticed we don't have Jimmy Swaggart, Pat Robertson, Jim Bakker, Billy Graham, or Jerry Falwell in charge of teaching state sponsored religion to our kids either.
At least not yet.
Anyone that says the words "free for the taking" in reference to people whom we disagree with religiously shouldn't have anything to do with school children of any age as far as I am concerned.
What is so painful about reading shit like this about the middle-east is that it seem like I am looking at the cultural version of Land of the Lost.
That is what it feels like to me.
It seems that the Muslim world is incapable of providing a single progressive thought to the world. They are unapologetically backward. This would be equivalent of an America where the only people publicly addressing issues that concern blacks Americans were Al Sharpton , Louis Farrakhan and Mr. T.
God endorsed institutionalized slavery? You've got to be kidding me.
I hope you're kidding me.
Here is a trivia question for ya. Which am I talking about a Klingon or a Muslim Fundamentalist?
A well-statured warrior who has a genetic predisposition to hostility, views a beard as a symbol of courage and has a well-known streak of fatalism.
Is harder than you thought isn't it?

same difference

280 african boys held in islamic brainwashing facility
He must've kept them in cages because there is something about prison and islam that just seems to make it all come together.

eleven die after grasshoppers swarm, no it wasn't a punishment from God
Yes, there were grasshoppers. Yes people died. However it wasn't because they didn't pray hard enough or that the people that died were on God's short list of things to do that day. It was because the grasshoppers stunk really bad.for some mysterious reason.

Source: arabianews.org

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