us soldier has panic attack almost did 6 months in prison for it
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The purpose of boot camp to is to make it you into a soldier. It's a good thing that society for the most part doesn't do that to you on your own yet.
Make you a soldier that is.
It would be a very dangerous world to live in if there were no need for boot camp in the armed forces.
Because "Boot camp" is a lot more than the military's version of an athletic club. Boot camp does a lot more than just get your fat ass in shape, give you a fucked up hair cut and teach you how to shoot straight.
Boot camp is where the old you dies and the new you is born.
They have to break down some of the humanity in you and what they fill in the cracks with what makes you a soldier.
The man believed in God and Country.
The soldier believes in Country and then God.
The man believed that there was something intrinsically wrong with taking another life, the soldier believes that with the authority invested by a flag and an opinion poll, God will just have to understand.
It's not like you are retired sports hero who after his playing days are over we can use to make sense of football games or to hawk erectile dysfunction drugs.
What use does a civilized society have for a man that can look at another man's brains sliding down the wall and still hold down his lunch?
If you think that sticking a live grenade up a donkey's ass is high brow entertainment after boot camp, then what the fuck are you going to be able to find that is legal here in the states to replace that?
The Army charged a Special Forces soldier Staff Sgt. George-Andreas Pogany, 32, with cowardice, a charge that can be punishable by death because he had a panic attack after seeing an Iraqi man get cut in half by American gunfire in Iraq .
I am sorry; I thought you were supposed to have a panic attack after seeing someone get mowed in half.
I would've.
Granted I would've been a little more hysterical had I been anywhere near the person that had been mowed in half, but standing over two equal halves of a human being that just minutes earlier was all in one piece isn't something that years of watching network television is going to desensitize myself to.
I'm thinking I would have went right pass panic attack and straight into heart attack.
You're not supposed to look at something like that and then turn to your buddy next to you and say, "Damn, all this killing is making me hungry. Are you hungry?"
After the panic attack Pogany asked for counseling, instead the Army sent him back to Fort Carson, Colorado to face a court-martial.
Eventually the Army reduced the charge to dereliction of duty under something that is called Article 15 which if convicted is punishable by six months in prison.
However Pogany requested a court martial instead because he wanted to have his case tried in front of a judge.
The reason being was that apparently under the rules of this Article 15 bullshit, which is what they were going to try him under, the actual officer that brought the charges against him in the first place would have been the one who would have decided his guilt or innocence.
What the fuck kind of bullshit is that?
Who thought of that rule Destro or Major Blood? How the fuck can the plaintiff and the judge wear the same hat?
That's like saying that the home team gets to bring your own referees.
The Army, for whatever reason dropped the charges altogether against Pogany. And at least for the time being let him return to his unit.
Pogany said that since returning to Iraq some soldiers in his unit have treated him like a "pariah".
A pair of Army psychologists that tested Pogany say that he shows no signs of post-traumatic syndrome and they think he probably suffered a panic attack brought upon by a reaction caused by an anti-malaria drug the soldiers took before leaving for Iraq. So what this is telling me is that once you get out of boot camp it takes a bad reaction to medication to get your humanity back?
I can totally understand why they break you down and replace you with a killing machine so that you can do your job as a soldier but why they don't have some sort of deprogramming Boot Camp when they let you out is beyond me.
I see people sleeping under over passes every morning on the way to work, mostly Vietnam vets that could've used a little deprogramming 30 years ago when they came back from torching villages in Asia .
It's a little late but at least we know now that a fortunate bad reaction to G25 might do the trick.
Pogany is a five year veteran who had a stellar service record until this shit.

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