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real life kung-fu movie plot minus the kung-fu
Just when you think a kung-fu movie plot couldn't really play out in the real world you realize "art really does imitate life".
According to the Malaysia Star a 17-year-old girl and her boyfriend were riding home on a motor cycle just minding their own business when they were surrounded and forced to pull over to the side of the road by a motorcycle gang.
The gang then forced the couple to go to a nearby forest, (probably while all laughing in their badly overdubbed American voices) and ordered the couple to have sexual intercourse while they watched.
When the boyfriend refused they beat him down with their helmets and fists and then dragged the girl over to some nearby bushes where they took turns making her suck each one of them off while her bloodied and battered boyfriend was forced to sit there and watch the whole thing.
The only reason you act all bad ass and refuse to fuck your girl in front of a biker gang is because you know any minute now kung-fu hero is coming to the rescue.
Like I said the kung-fu hero wearing his customary yellow motorcycle outfit with the black stripes down the side was supposed to enter in stage left.
The guy getting beat down was supposed to be the hero's cousin who, before he was so rudely kidnapped by the local ruffians, was on his way to pick him up from the harbor.
When cousin never showed up, the hero began walking up the road where he just happened to come across the biker gang drinking and laughing while they waited for their turn with his cousin's whimpering girlfriend.
Initially the reluctant hero was going to mind his own business and just walk right pass but he looked over and recognized that it was his cousin that the gang was holding hostage.
He stops, rolls up his sleeves, wipes whatever shit is on his lips on the back of his hands and then says something like, "step away from the girl" completely out of sync with his mouth in the way only Kung Fu theater can do.
When the entire gang looks at him laughs all at once Hero rips his own shirt open and then proceeds to kills them all one by one with his bare hands.
Except in this story no kung fu hero ever showed up.
And damn, it sounds like they need one badly.
Earlier this year in July, approximately 25 youths in a "biker gang" in this same area kidnapped a 20-year-old woman who was at the beach with 4 male friends who were powerless to stop the gang from forcing her on the back of one of their bikes and riding off with her. She was taken to a forest where she was raped repeatedly for about 30 minutes by six of them and abandoned.
Police are trying to determine if the same group was responsible for the latest incident. 
Damn. How many fucking biker gangs do they have in Malaysia ?
same difference

Japanese Man to Marry Woman That Murdered His Lover
Ladies and gentlemen Elvis has left the building.

Japan Cult Guru Threatens To Take Revenge On All Humankind
Yuko Chino, claims she is dying of cancer because of electromagnetic waves being sent out by communists. That's like me saying that I get sick whenever I eat rice grown by Buddhists. Could I trouble you to be a bit more specific?

Source: Malaysia Star

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