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chinese who are shocked at serial killings starting to get the hint
Chinese youngsters surf the world wide web at an Internet cafe in Beijing. Beijing banned Internet cafes on its main thoroughfare and near government offices and schools as the country seeks to crackdown on the growing spread on online dissent and vice.Once again it appears the Chinese are learning about some fucked up shit after the fact.
Apparently in China, the stuff that syndicated television programs like the "X-Files" are made of, the covering up, the secret files, the covert operations is business as usual for law enforcement authorities.
Conspiracy theorists here in the states get erections over fantasizing about who was really behind 9-11, what really landed in Roswell , New Mexico, and who really shot JFK.
Another day another opportunity to uncover yet another mystery that's right in front of our faces that none of us see except their paranoid asses.
Well if you brought an American conspiracy theorist to China he would have a brain aneurysm trying to lower his stress level after the shit they would uncover.
China does not have the philosophy that the people have a right to know about shit. Last winter in Rural China the government just came in and started renovating a middle school over a weekend to house SARS patients without telling anyone. Once the word got out as to what they were doing the villagers torched the school to the ground to prevent the center from being built.
Two years ago, an elementary school was sweat shopping 10-year-olds to make firecrackers to supplement the schools income after deep financial cut backs only to have the school explode after the children who didn't know what the fuck they were doing did something they didn't have any business doing.
Immediately after the blast Chinese authorities blamed the explosion on a terrorist . They even presented a body of the alleged terrorist only to get busted when word spread on message boards and internet chat rooms of the make shift firecracker factory they had going on in there by the angry parents of the children that had been killed in the explosion.
Now it seems that people are back in the internet forums going at it about a serial killer they caught in China recently that had strangled and grisly massacred 17 teenaged boys from the poor central province of Henan that were lured to their deaths from internet cafes and video game parlors.
The Chinese authority didn't say shit to anyone until they had already arrested suspects.
The only reason they ended up catching the guy is because the last victim he was preparing to kill managed to escape.
Among the other cases that have come to light in the last few days since the Chinese are starting to get the hint that if they don't keep each other informed as to what is going on no one will. One of the things that has come to light since they have started sharing information on this case is one case involving the stabbing to death of 65 people across four provinces and the murder of another 12 women that no one knew shit about in Henan.
Don't even get me started about the aliens.
same difference

School Forces Kids To Make Firecrackers To Supplement Income then Blames Explosion on Suicide Bomber.
Thank God for the Internet.

Sars And China Coincidence?
Sounds like it would make for a great B-movie but there's an awful lot you would have to discount before you could just blame it on the lab monkey.

Source: BBC, Shanghai

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