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china's ms. ugly wins $21,000 worth of plastic surgery

My girlfriend loves extreme make-over shows. Personally I don't see the appeal. Maybe because I learned the hard way that it isn't what you look like, as much as it is how you carry yourself.
I mean don't get me wrong, some people are so "hit" that they would practically have to levitate to look good but for 95% of us it's all about attitude.
I am skinny guy. I used to think it held me back. That was until I started getting pussy and I hadn't gained a pound. All the changed was that I quit walking and talking like I needed a mercy fuck and started walking and talking like if I fucked you I would have you begging for mercy.
No but seriously, confidence plays a huge role in attractiveness.
It isn't to be underestimated.
I once asked a question on the message board what was the sexiest thing you have ever seen with your own eyes, movies, television, magazines excluded. I wanted to know the sexiest thing you had ever personally experienced and the responses I got where things like, "this girl, I couldn't tell you why she was so sexy, I mean, there wasn't anything particularly outstanding about her but the way she did this or that was the sexiest thing I have ever laid eyes on."
Sexy and beautiful aren't conjoined at the forehead.
In fact, most of the time they aren't any closer than second cousins.
Some of the sexiest women I have known weren't every photogenic at all. I couldn't show you a picture of one of these women and get you drooling on your shirt, but if you had seen them in person, you wouldn't be able to sit still in your seat.
With that said this year's winner of China 's Miss Ugly competition beat out her 50 homely rivals to win $21,000 worth of cosmetic surgery.
All three finalists had to undergo health checks before judges cast their final vote.
Like all previous winners, this year's winner Zhang Di, 26, won on the basis that her appearance would most benefit from plastic surgery.
"My small eyes, flat nose and poor skin have been such a burden to me," she said. The manager of the plastic surgery center that will treat her promised to make her " a totally different girl " within a matter of two weeks.
Different doesn't necessarily mean attractive.
Remember Jocelyn Wildenstein is different.
These sorts of off color pageants are starting to become the latest craze not only in China but here in the states and around the world in general.
Just last month in Guatemala City there was an erotic dance contest where the contestants were mostly prostitutes and strippers from assorted nightclubs around town.
Well when Verónica Ovando Celaya was crowned the winner, the runner up, who couldn't bear the thought of being shown up by her rival walked up behind her and shanked her the death right on stage.
I guess some contests play out better on paper than they do in real life.

same difference

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Source: Ananova, prensalibre.com, Shanghai Youth Daily .

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