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false rape charge brings up a lot of questions
Scotty Anderson is a professional football player in the NFL. More specifically he is a wide receiver in the NFL that plays for the lowly Detroit Lions.
Don't feel bad if you don't know who he is, people in south eastern Michigan who are Lions fans don't even know who he is.
Well a 22-year-old Detroit stripper name Nicole Milburn was charged the other day for falsely accusing Anderson of raping her.
What happened was that Anderson brought Nicole Milburn , the woman who accused him of rape and two of friend of hers back to his place after a night of drinking.
Anderson shortly after had consensual sex with one of her friends.
This is where the evil starts. Sometime after Anderson would spend himself inside of her friend, and toss the condom on the floor Nicole Milburn would sneak in while her friend distracted Anderson, pick up his discarded, used condoms put his cum inside her.
The reason she did this was to either hopefully get herself pregnant and have a child support claim against him or as it turned out after he caught her stealing money from him, use the semen as evidence to support a rape claim.
Yeah. Fucked up isn't it?
Wayne County Prosecutor Michael Duggan told reporters that the two other women who accompanied Milburn to Anderson 's house have confirmed that she told them about her scheme with the used condoms before hand.
However it all fell apart because before Milburn was able to leave Anderson and his cousin spotted his three used condoms in Milburn's back pocket along with money that she had taken from him.
Then after further investigation they found money she had stolen from them in her car and even some stolen money stuffed into her hair.
An argument ensued after they demanded the money back, and that is when " Ms. Milburn ran out into the hallway of the building, screaming rape ,'' Wayne County Prosecutor Michael Duggan said.
`` This is disturbing from so many perspectives ,'' Duggan said. `` We are seeing more and more people's reputations being tarnished with false felony reports. This also hurts every woman who is raped and goes through that trauma because it causes other women to pause and wonder whether they're going to be believed when they see somebody who is caught being a liar. ''
Although what he said is all true, Wayne County Prosecutor Michael Duggan missed one of the most glaring problems I see with this whole situation.
Nicole Milburn initially hoped that she would get pregnant and be able to sue Anderson for child support .
The rape accusation was just something to fall back on in case she didn't get pregnant.
Why should having some rich guys child be a ticket to financial security?
Doesn't every child need $1,000 or more a month to live comfortably?
I am using $1,000 a month because just last week a father tossed his daughter off a cliff in California to avoid paying $1,000 a month child support payments.
You know and I know that it doesn't take that much fucking money to raise a kid. Are you kidding me? They act like poor people don't have children.
This is the only question I need answered. If it doesn't cost $1,000 a month to raise the little bastard when you are living with his mother why the fuck does it cost $1,000 when you aren't?
If she doesn't have money to eat out every night then you adjust.
It's just that simple.
If she doesn't have enough money to hire a professional clown for his birthday party then she better learn some fucking jokes.
What makes this kid's mother entitled to living a certain lifestyle just because the father of her child has money?
The fact of the matter is that women know that they can personally benefit from these exuberate child support rulings that the courts make against men.
Now let it be known that I don't have a problem paying for my kid.
In fact it is my moral and legal responsibility.
No self-respecting male who calls himself a man should have an issue with taking care of the life he helped create, but don't paint me out to be the bad guy because if I have a problem paying to get your done, paying your car note or paying for a new outfit to go on the town in.
And if you are going to make me pay child support is it asking too much to at least make the woman produce receipts?
If you are going to say I have to pay $1,000 a month in child support it only seems fair that you show me your justification.
How about putting the money in a special account and the child's mother can use a debit card that is tied to that particular account to pay for things the child needs.
If child support went directly into a separate account then there could be an itemized bill that could be sent to both parties and if anything showed up on that card that isn't for the kid that is how much less you'd have to pay the next month.
I mean corporations keep track of business expenses why can't you apply the same program to child support?
The point is this Milburn chick hoped that she would get rich off having his kid because of what Anderson earns as a professional athlete.
The current philosophy behind how much women get awarded for child support by the courts endorses this kind of thinking.
And then people wonder why we have Rae Carruths and father's that punt their kids off cliffs.
same difference

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Just because he takes care of his legitimate children doesn't mean he will take care of your brat.

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$144,000 a month for travel? Get that kid a fucking Big Wheel! Shit, at three she shouldn't be crossing the street without parental supervision anyways. Kind of hard spending $144,000 dollars just riding up and down the fucking block.

Source: Detroit Free Press

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