RAW DOGMA                                                                       written by Nkrumah Steward
someone actually fell for that nigerian e-mail scam?
You know the e-mail we all get from the African dude that has all of this fucking money and he wants to hide it in your bank account and all he needs is your account number to do it?
Rupert Sessions a 73-year-old man in Florida fell for "a chance to get a part of seven million dollars" and got hosed for $400,000.
His entire life savings.
But that isn't the part of the story that got me.
The part that got me was a little fact they mentioned in the article in passing.
Apparently people have actually been killed over this e-mail. And I am not talking about the people that have had heart attacks and died when they looked in their accounts and saw that Kunta had stolen 400,000 out of his account.
People have actually gone to Nigeria in search of their lost funds and have gotten their backs snapped in half.
The State Department has linked at least 15 deaths to this "Nigerian 419 scam" (which is what they are calling it).
That takes some balls to hop on a plane and fly to Nigeria looking for your money.
With balls like his I am surprised the plane could get off the ground.
This guy even went to the middle east looking for his share of the money.
What are you going to do walk around asking the peasants who live on less than $20 American dollars a year if they have seen your 7 million American dollars?
That's worse than having a girl break up with you and you telling her that the reason she gave for leaving you "isn't good enough".
That takes balls because all statements like that do is prolong the conversation and the "break up conversation", personally, I want it to be the shortest conversation that I have with a woman.
Saying that the excuse she gave you "isn't good enough" only forces her to tell the truth.
Trust me, you don't want that.
Take the "it's not you it's me" excuse and just move on.
The next level of the Matrix is far more brutal.
That is where she plugs you in to how you couldn't knock the bottom out of a wet paper bag, your breath stinks, she has been fucking someone else for the past month and how you have no ambition but that is a good thing in your particular case because you also have no talent in anything either.
She ends it by saying don't worry about her because she won't worry about you and she doesn't even bother to close the door behind her.
And you end up on your back kicking and screaming at the top of your lungs "Tank, Dozer Unplug me!!"
Matrix or not kicks in the nuts hurt.
Your ego has the biggest nuts of them all.
Going to Africa looking for your $400,000 takes balls to because with your 400,000 bucks he has probably bought himself a full army, has his own witch doctor on retainer and a $200 bounty on your head which will even bring grandma out patrolling the streets looking for your ass.
same difference
Swazi King Thinks The Biggest Problem Facing The World Today Are Women Wearing Pants!
Although blacks might not be the most openly patriotic Americans, if the American government passed a law tomorrow and told them they were going to be forcibly sent back to Africa ---- there would be open war in the streets.

Rival Witch Doctors Will Fuck You Up

He cried the whole time asking them whether or not they were going to kill him. Of course they are going to kill you. What do you think they are going to do send you back home with no lips, no asshole and no eyes? Don't be silly.

Source: Associated Press

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