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six-year-old homicidal sociopath suspected in grandfather's death
A 6-year-old boy is suspected of shooting his grandfather to death with a .22-caliber rifle. 'We believe, at this time, that he killed his grandfather intentionally,' Cole County Sheriff John Hemeyer said to the associated press. An autopsy showed his grandfather "bled to death from a single gunshot wound near his armpit."
The 6-year-old child may have even waited until his grandfather had bled to death before running out into the street to flag someone down.
Cole County police say that this six year old has a history of homicidal, sociopathic tendencies.
Wait a minute. A history of homicidal sociopathic tendencies?
In case you didn't catch it earlier, this kid is only six.
His family told the Associated Press that at six years old this kid already had a history of attacking his family members with absolutely no provocation whatsoever.
In fact, he had just been released just last Monday from a central Missouri mental-health facility where he was admitted after attacking another family member with a knife.
Previous assaults have mostly been directed at the boy's younger siblings, but they say that he wasn't above trying to take out his parents, too, when the opportunity presented itself.
So why did the doctors at the mental health facility let this kid go home?
I know for damn sure it wasn't because his parents were putting pressure on the state to give them their son back.
Cole County Sheriff John Hemeyer said that it isn't clear what led up to the attack. Well if you can believe what his family says about this kid, absolutely nothing led up to this attack.
They don't give an account as to exactly how it all went down in that house on that afternoon, but I am willing to bet it went something like this.
Grandpa took his eyes off the rifle for only a second before he realized what he had done. As he swung around, he saw the little bastard standing in the doorway, his eyes transfixed on the weapon. He and this kid then had a stare down, their eyes darting back and forth between one another and the lonely rifle resting against the windowsill for what must've seemed like an eternity.
Then the kid made his move. Everything was moving in slow motion as they both dove for the rifle in matrix-esque fashion.
In case you haven't been following along, Grandpa lost.
At first I found myself asking, "Why the fuck did they leave a loaded gun laying around in the house that was so easily accessible?" especially since they knew they were living with a six year old homicidal sociopath in the house, but before I got it out I realized I had answered my own question.
They had a loaded .22 caliber rifle lying around where they could easily get to it because they were living with a six year old homicidal sociopath.
What is scary is that the legal system can't do shit to this kid. Juvenile punishment does not exist in Missouri. All they can do is put him a mental health facility until he is 18 and hope that Donald Pleasence can do a better job with this kid than he did with Michael Myers.
same difference

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Source: Associated Press, Fox News

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