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sexual fantasy turns ugly between internet lovers

Over the past few years it has become more and more common for people all over the world to meet sexual partners across the internet.
In many ways using the Internet is much more convenient and more straight to the point than meeting in your typical meat markets.
You just sit behind your PC and navigate to a chat room of your particular liking and start socializing.
You go in a chat room for women with big tits and that's who is in there.
Big tittied women.
If you want a MILF there's a chat room for them too.
I have seen chat rooms for everything from dudes with monster horse cocks to girls with muscular dystrophy that like to give head.
The internet did to dating what "Google" did to information, it simply streamlined the process of getting what you want.
Before the internet I never would've known where to look first if I wanted a girl with MS to bob on my knob.
Now I do.
Thanks ICQ!
My point is that the internet has made it easier for all kinds of people to meet one another.
Evidently it even works for people with more "bizarre" tastes in relationships.
Case in point, a 42-year-old man met a 19-year-old on a website chat room for people who have sexual fantasies about abduction and torture.
Well after falling strangely comfortable with the darkness they recognized inside one another the two of them worked out a scenario where they could meet.
The final plan was that he would make his way into her apartment, use a real stun gun on her to incapacitate her, then abduct her.
Which he did. Then following along with the rest of the plan he then took her to a secluded lakeside cabin and there the two of them had consensual sex.
Which I am assuming they did after she quit twitching.
Then again I am not too sure he waited for anything because apparently problems started between the two of them when he took it upon himself to carve the name " Jesus " into her back with a knife.
I guess that is where he crossed the line.
I was beginning to wonder if there even was a line.
What did you expect from a guy that you agreed to let paralyze you with a stun gun that you met on an abduction and torture website?
What was the website URL anyway www.guesswhereIburiedthebodies.com ?
Now I am big on being able to draw the line between what a perfect world should be like and what the real world is like.
In a perfect world, a man looking for a woman that he can chain up in a 8 foot deep hole he has shoveled in his basement and defecate on whenever he pleases is an otherwise "normal guy" that functions well within the range of accepted societal norms in all aspect of his life.
He just has a shit on women fetish. No harm no foul.
In the real world however, that same guy is wanted by the Philippine government in connection to 14 missing children and you're lucky you got off with just a "What Would Jesus Do?" tattoo.

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