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doctor arrested for selling mental patients as wives
I did a story not too long ago about how there is such a shortage of women in China that a Chinese crime syndicate had been making money hand over fist digging up female corpses and selling them to the desperate relatives of dead single men.
Business was so good, in fact, that one gang reported that they had to dig up at least five corpses a night to keep up with the demand.
Apparently their customers were concerned family members that just want their dead male relatives "hitched" so that they can settle down in the after life.
Yeah I know.
Well now Reuters is reporting that a director at a psychiatric hospital in Huazhou, in southern Guangdong has been arrested for drugging up and then selling female mental patients as wives to unsuspecting men.
Apparently he has sold more than 20 patients since he got this grand idea in 1998.
Before he dolled them up to meet their "husbands", they were forced to take drugs so that the buyers wouldn't realize until they got the product home that what they had bought was a mental patient.
Some of his customers quickly demanded refunds after the drugs wore off and they realized they had a bona fide nutcase on their hands.
Notice I said "some".
Fact: There are 70 million men in China unable to find wives.
Just so you can appreciate the gravity of what I just said, those aren't 70 million men that don't have the social skills to get a woman.
They can't find women because China is 70 million women short.
But before you start feeling bad for these hard up guys, Independent Online ran a story just last week on how a baby girl from Hongze County, Jiangsu (eastern China) was buried alive by her grandfather with the permission of her own mother because gramps said that the baby had ugly lips.
Ugly lips.
That's it.
Ugly lips.
He paid a man 50 Yuan and a packet of cigarettes to bury his own granddaughter alive.
She was rescued only when a passer by heard her cries from the hole in the ground she was buried in.
So women are in such short supply in China that the mob has expanded from gambling and racketeering to digging up corpses, psychiatric doctors are selling their mental patients off as wives and this man is tossing a perfectly good girl in a ditch because he thinks she has ugly lips.
I don't get it.
Although I never thought Lovey Howell was much of a catch, if I was shipwrecked on Gilligan's Island and that was all I had, assuming that Ginger and Mary Ann were already taken, after a while even Lovey Howell would be the shit.
I'm serious. I don't care how ugly you are. Female beauty is not an absolute. It is relative. It is relative to time and selection. The longer you are stranded on a deserted island, I don't care what she looks like, given enough time alone, she’s is going to be the most beautiful woman that you have ever seen in your life.
If the world as we know it was wiped out tomorrow and the three ugliest women you know were the only women on the Earth to survive, eventually those would be the three most beautiful women you would've ever laid eyes on.
My point is, there are 70 million men in China without a woman.
I guarantee that there would be at least 70 million Chinese men out there that will love her lips.
You don't believe me? A doctor sold 20 crazy bitches to 20 unsuspecting bachelors in China and only got some of them back.
What does that tell you?
same difference

Kim Jong - Il Taking No Chances with triplets
I haven't heard anything this wack since Herod tried to kill Jesus.

28 baby girls found in suitcases on Chinese bus
Who the fuck out there is desperate enough to be in the market for a borderline retarded, drug addicted, cross-eyed Chinese baby someone pulled out of a suitcase?

Source: Doctor sold female patients, taipeitimes.com, Thursday, Aug 21, 2003

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