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odai and qusai are in hell…idi amine making reservations
Odai and Qusai were killed yesterday by US soldiers. Dubya should be re-elected just for that.
Finally something good has come out of this war. The world has been rid of Tomax and Xamot. The Iraqi people let out a collective sigh of relief.
You know Saddam doesn't feel too bad. How could he? When he heard the news he probably said, "hell, I almost killed one of those bastards myself."
There are only two people that I KNOW are in hell and those two are Odai (pronounced oh-DEYE) and Qusai (pronounced koh-SEYE) affectionately known around here as Ebay and O'bot.
I am thinking that this must've been "it's time to come back home to hell" week because the associated press is reporting that Idi Amin is in a coma in Saudi Arabia as we speak.
Idi alone has about 200,000 people waiting on him to "crossover" to the other side.
At least Idi Amin can say he didn't kill all of them personally.
Odai and Qusai seemed to take pleasure in being hand that dealt the pain.
When Saddam gives the order to have you, his own son executed and the only thing that spared your life was the fact that your mother begged him not to kill you that should tell you something.
Qusai and Odai were just stupid. If I were them I would've never been captured or killed.
First of all, the moment the Americans made it to Baghdad my whole style would've changed. The Americans were looking for a guy with armed body guards in a palace somewhere sitting on a billion dollars in cash. I would be out by a cave somewhere tending to my goats. To a 20-year-old American from Kansas on duty in Baghdad, Odai and Qusai looked just like every other Arab in Iraq.
Did it not occur to neither one of them that the first place America would look would be at the home of anyone related to Saddam. That's like when Rae Carruth was running from the police and they found him hiding out in the trunk of his mother's car.
Dumb ass.
When you are on the run from the law, you've got to sever all contact from all of your friends and family. If you can't do that don't run from the fucking police or in this case the foreign invaders.
Family is the first place they look because that is where they always find you.
And if you don't run home to mommy look how well you do. Remember when that one guy detonated that bomb at the Olympics they didn't find him for damn near 7 years. Do you know why? He went and lived in the fucking woods that's why. He didn't go over to his brother's house and ask if he could live in the basement.
If I was Odai or Qusai I am wearing the most beat up clothes I can find and when the US soldiers come around I'll be that nice little sand nigger that offers them a drink of water from my bucket.
Harriet Tubman actually avoided capture once by just picking up a newspaper and acting like she was reading it. The slave catchers figured it must not be her because they knew Harriett couldn't read. I guess they didn't figure that she would be smart enough to pick up a paper and act like she was reading.
She only lead approximately 300 persons over the course of 19 trips to freedom in the North despite her having narcolepsy from a head blow she received as a child during a beating from an overseeer.
Nah, she couldn't improvise on a dime.
The cost of a slave in 1850 today would be about $40,000 a slave.
She rescued and freed 300.
That is roughly 12 million dollars worth of slaves. Then when you factor in that a slave worked 18 hour days, 6 days a week, at less say $5.15 an hour (if they were paid minimum wage) for 30 years before their backs and knees gave out on them, each 40,000 investment brought back $848,205 in free labor. So in rescuing 300 slaves not only did slave owners lose out on 12 million in their initial investments they also lost out in $254,461,500 in free labor.
They wanted to catch her worse than we ever would've wanted to catch Odai or Qusai…and they never could catch her.
Like I said, we are Americans…they all look alike to us anyway. It never fails. Every single time CNN has a reporter reporting live via satellite from the middle-east I see Odai, Quasi, Saddam, or Osama Bin Laden right behind the reporter and waving to the camera. I actually saw Osama Bin Laden one morning before I headed into the office holding up a sign on the side of a road as the CNN imbedded reporters were making their way to Baghdad that read "Go USA".
I was like "ain't that a bitch?"
same difference

Arabs Outside Iraq Stunned By Collapse. The Middle East Looks for Answers.
getting news from Al-Jazeera is like listening to a ball game and the play by play announcer is telling you the score is 4-3 going into the bottom of the ninth and you find out afterwards that your team lost 11-0.

U.S. faces 'World War IV. "Our response should be, 'good!'" Woolsey said.
If the militaries only job was to defend our freedom they would have whomever wrote the "Patriot Act" parts one and two and every member of Congress that voted for that bill in Guantanamo Bay right now with a bag over his head eating a fried baloney sandwich in a cell somewhere.

Source: associated press

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