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african americans confront their prejudice origins
Continental Africans are a little upset with African Americans because they have this "perception" of the African American as these "lost relatives who don't want to be reminded of their origins".
First of all, let's just get to the heart of the matter. This doesn't have shit to do with being lost relatives further than that is an angle they would like to use to tug on our heart strings. The real reason they are upset is because African Americans aren't investing in Africa. If you could take the income of all African Americans and put it together, African Americans would be the eleventh wealthiest country on the planet.
They know this.
If we were as broke as they are, they wouldn't give a shit.
They sold us into slavery any damn way. Now we are the lost relatives that don't want to be reminded of our origins.
Way to knock the ball back in our court.
So back to the point. Are African Americans unconsciously or even consciously distancing themselves from their African origins? I would say that we are. Our continental African brothers and sisters are probably right about that, and I'll tell you why.
Do you think Japan wants to keep hearing day after day that they got their ass handed to them by the Americans?
How about the Jews? Do you think they want to hear day in and day out about how they got roasted by the Germans?
No they don't.
Africa, for far too many African Americans, is an under developed place behind the back of God where we were sold into slavery by some greedy, fat ass tribal chief.
Excuse me if I don't rush over to hang around and reminisce.
And deep down inside, although it is awful embarrassing to admit, many of us think we are better for it.
That is why there hasn't been a successful back-to-Africa movement in American history. The closest person to come to it was Marcus Garvey. And its failure, so to speak, sure wasn't because life here in America was so good that we couldn't dream of leaving. It was the alternative. Africa was the alternative. America fucking sucked in the 1920s. Africa sucked more.
You can pick up any National Geographic ever printed and see tribal Africans walking around in grass skirts with bones around their necks with a 500-gallon container of water balancing on the top of their heads.
God dammit, its 2003.
I am all about traditional dress but give me a break. I am sure in Japan they have places you can go and find people walking around in "traditional" dress. They call those places "tourist attractions". It's called a theme park, God dammit. You don't get off a plane in Japan and see everyone walking around like 7th century Samurai do you?
Most people in Japan wear suits, blue jeans, t-shirts, drink Coca-Cola and play video games.
You see, in Africa walking barefoot with your titties flopping around in a grass skirt is too close to the norm rather than the exception for my tastes.
And I am not saying that it's everybody on the entire continent, by any means, but it is still way too many.
And don't tell us that you walk around half naked because it is hot in Africa.
Shit, it's hot in Florida.
I am just telling you this is how we think.
You were wearing grass skirts when Jabba the big fat tribal chief sold us into the slave trade in 1590 and it is a little disheartening, to say the least, see that they are still wearing them now. If you were wearing grass skirts in 1590 then unless you were walking around butt ass naked in 990, you haven't changed a damn thing in over a 1,000 years. That isn't anything to be proud of, that is pathetic.
If you haven't changed how you dress in the last 1000 years, what else hasn't changed?
Let me tell you what has changed over here. We were in wooden ships when we were sold into slavery and now we are floating around in orbit and walking on the moon. We have pioneered open heart surgery. We invented devices which allowed machines to remain in motion while being oiled which revolutionized the industrial machine industry. One slave actually created a steam engine and then used the proceeds from it to purchase his own freedom. Benjamin Banneker built the first striking clock to be made completely in America. It was made entirely out of wood and was so precise, it struck every hour, on the hour, for forty years.
We have been contributing to building and improving modern society since the first slave said "to hell with this shit" and ran north to freedom.
That is what I am proud of.
You can't tell me that if Africa had major cities, leading the world in the development of computer software or some other industry besides Tiki dolls and traditional tribal hunting masks, African Americans wouldn't be all over the band wagon.
We desperately want to be able to point back to Africa and say "hey that is where I am from" but damn near every shining achievement that Africans can point to and say that they contributed to the modern world was done literally thousands of years ago. What happened? Did they all blow their load at once? I understand that you were the first human beings. I understand that you were the first to use stone tools. Did you hear that? Stone tools. What has happened since then?
Egypt has pyramids. Great. Those were built around 12,000 years ago. It’s time to update the resume don't you think?
Lucy. All of the human beings living today can be traced back to some three foot tall human named Lucy.
At worst that means that we are the closest living relative to whatever split evolutionarily from the ape, (I am sure the racists of the world love that one) and at best it gives us more time than anyone else on the planet to make all of the technological advancements that everyone else seemed to have made in half the time.
There isn't a damn thing Kobe Bryant could do in Africa to earn the kind of money he does over here for playing a game short of pulling an Idi Amin and taking over an entire country.
So if it helps any, think of your "lost relatives" as fair-weather, bandwagon fans.
We will be sure to come out to support you as soon as you put a winning team on the field.
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