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man blows self up in botched attack on old high school bully
Were you bullied in high school? Sorry to hear that. Get over it.
There isn't anything more pathetic than a guy or a girl well into their thirties still talking about something that fucking happened in high school.
I don't care whether you considered your high school years heaven or hell I am hear to tell you no one gives a fuck.
It was high school. If that was the pinnacle of your life, all I can say is --- I'm sorry.
There used to be nothing worse than catching an afternoon talk show where a guest would be given the chance to confront an old bully from their childhood.
I swear ¾ times the bully they would bring on wouldn't even remember who the fuck the person was.
Half of the stories the little shit would recant all teary eyed and point to as the reason they are so miserable the bully wouldn't even remember.
The point is that you were kids.
Chances are they aren't the same person at 35 that they were at 16 when they used to call you names at the bus stop and you shouldn't be either.
Maybe they teased you because you were pathetic.
Hint. Hint. Wink. Wink.
Did you ever think about that? Maybe you are a loser. You are in your thirties and still bitching about what happened to you 15 years earlier in second hour gym class.
Are you pathetic? What do you think?
A 33-year old man accidentally blew himself up trying to launch a fire bomb attack on the house of a man who bullied him when he was in high school.
Police say that he had even more homemade bombs inside his car at the time. Although he suffered burned all over his body, he is expected to survive.
That is if the Lou doesn't get him first.
He told the paramedics as they were wheeling him off that he was trying to get even with a bully from back in High school. "I was trying to get even with a bully from my high school days. I learnt how to make bombs on the Internet".
That was a direct quote.
He must've thought he was going to die because no one that knew they were going to live would be that pathetic as to admit that he tried to kill a guy that bullied him in high school with the terrorist training he got off a geocities web page.
That was supposed to be a death bed confession.
The residents in the neighborhood came rushing outside after hearing a loud explosion. They were met with the image of this loser staggering in the middle of the street with his arm on fire. The rest of the clothing on his upper body had already been burned off. There was debris as far as 60 feet away from where he had accidentally detonated the bomb.
He had so many explosives in his car that police had to evacuate nearly 500 people from the neighborhood for almost 10 hours while they safely detonated his weapons of mass destruction that he had assembled from fire extinguishers, plastic bottles containing flammable liquid and what appeared to be timer devices.
When people gathered around him to bat the flames off he looked up at one of them and said "I botched it up."
I am willing to be that is the story of his life.
same difference

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