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RAW DOGMA                                                                       written by Nkrumah Steward
Allegations Of Cannibalism In Congo…Again
"The reports cannot be so persistent and false," said Amos Namanga Ngongi, head of the U.N. mission in Congo to reporters in Bunia regarding the reports of cannibals running rampant in the Congo. "There cannot be so much talk of such things if it is false."
"The sight of a corpse with a missing liver and heart is horrific, especially when you know that those parts were eaten by fellow human beings and that the same could happen to you," said Acquitte Kisembo, a 28-year-old medical student to reporters after finding several bodies with missing parts.
Lendu tribal fighters were seen killing civilians, as well as combatants, cutting open their chests and ripping out hearts, livers and lungs, which they ate while they were still warm.
Apparently, the United Nations is taking these allegations of cannibalism very seriously and plans to investigate the reports.
Ooooooo. Someone's in trouble.
What a joke. What the fuck is the United Nations going to do about it? The UN has 700 unarmed U.N. military observers in the Congo already.
What the fuck is the point in sending military personnel into the Congo if they are going to be unarmed? If you aren't going to let them pack heat, you might as well offer those jobs to senior citizens so they can take advantage of the opportunity to earn a little extra cash to help them meet the rising cost of prescription medicine.
I support the UN on the conceptual level but anyone that can justify sending people into a place unarmed where the natives are known to eat people without allowing them to pack heat isn't being realistic.
And not being realistic is the worst animadversion you can say about a political leader or institution.
Apparently, two UN workers have already turned up missing after being dispatched into the Congo. Apparently their fluorescent colored Nerf bow and arrows weren't much of a deterrent. And as a result, the UN has decided to pull their people out of the more rural areas.
I don't ever want to hear shit from Afro-centric historians here in the states going off on Hollywood's fucked up portrayal of Africa as this Dark Continent of savages and practitioners of black magic.
Don't blame Hollywood, blame Reuters, the Associated Press, and the BBC.
You see, cannibalism isn't new in the Congo. In fact, it seems like every time there is trouble between ethnic groups in the Congo, they start eating each other. They were eating each other in the 1964 Simba rebellion too. They've been eating each other ever since this civil war started back in 1998.
They have this cultural belief there that eating your fallen enemies gives you power. No what it gives you is prion disease.
On Jan. 15, of just this year in fact, U.N. investigators officially confirmed that rebels of the Congolese Liberation Movement and the allied Congolese Rally for Democracy-National committed cannibalism, rape, torture and killing in the province as early as late last year.
Why anyone on the planet is still eating people in the 21st century makes you embarrassed to be a human being. You have people on one side of the planet exploring celestial bodies while someone in another area of the same planet is clubbing people over the head with sticks and eating them.
And Marcus Garvey and others that advocated "back to Africa" movements here in the states have always wondered why they could never get more support.

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Source: Congo rebels accused of cannibalism, Associated Press, October 2, 2002
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