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RAW DOGMA                                                                       written by Nkrumah Steward
Arabs Outside Iraq Stunned By Collapse. The Middle East Looks for Answers.
stunned.In the Christian Bible whenever things didn't quite go the way the Israelites would've liked, someone always explained it away as "God punishing them" for some perceived slight or transgression. If someone got cheap and skimped on the incense in the temple or someone tried to sacrifice a 3 legged half retarded Goat instead of one of their "tip top" goats hoping no one would notice, God always did, and then someone always had to pay.
Often times payback came in the form of God allowing them to be conquered by invading forces.
We all know all too well that religious fundamentalist are no different today. It wasn't 24 hours after 9-11 that Osama bin Laden's personal aide said that bin Laden described the devastation in the United States as ``a punishment from Allah''. Television evangelists Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, two of the most prominent voices of the religious right, said liberal civil liberties groups, feminists, homosexuals and abortion rights supporters bear partial responsibility for the 9-11 terrorist attacks because their actions have turned God's anger against America. Their God, according to both Osama bin Laden as well as Falwell and Robertson murdered some 3,000 + people on September 11, 2001.
The problem with that way of reasoning is that the answer is often times sitting right in front of your face, however the belief that you can live a life untouched by tragedy when you are in God's favor doesn't allow you to accept that prayer alone doesn't stop 21,000-pound MOABs.
So I am wondering what explanation Bin Laden will have for this one? Experts have pointed to the rise in popularity of modern Muslim fundamentalism to the ass kicking that they took at the hand of the Israeli's when Western-armed Israel thrashed numerically superior Arab armies in just six measly days in the infamous 1967 "six day war". A war which many are comparing to this one, as some Arab political analysts are already painting Iraq's defeat as yet another Arab humiliation to add to the list caused by U.S. military technology.
After their first defeat at the hand of the Israelis in 1967, the conclusion many reached in the Muslim Arab world was that they must've drifted too far from Orthodox Islam and the defeat at the hands of the Israelis must've been a punishment from Allah. The answer some figured was to return to a brand of Islam that was more fundamentalist, in fact the more fundamentalist the better, take the world back to 675 AD if at all possible and regain favor with Allah.
You see how far that shit gets you.
Make no mistake about it; many Arabs in the Middle East are stunned by this war on so many levels.
For starters they are questioning the impartiality of the information they had been getting from Al-Jazeera. It's like listening to a ball game and the play by play announcer is telling you the score is 4-3 going into the bottom of the ninth and you find out afterwards that your team lost 11-0.
"We discovered that all that the (Iraqi) information minister was saying was all lies. Now no one believes Al-Jazeera anymore," said Ali Hassan, a government employee in Cairo, Egypt, referring to the Arabic-language television news channel that many have charged sided with the Hussein regime out of their disdain for the US.
What I find funny is that many in the Arab world evidently believed every single word that the Iraqi minister of information was saying every day on Al-Jazeera television.
After like the first three days CNN could barely broadcast his press conferences without snickering.
Once the Arab world saw that the Americans had taken Baghdad instead of being "slaughtered like lambs at Saddam International airport" like the Iraqi foreign minister had said that they had been, Arab political analysts struggled to explain it.
"There must have been treason," said Ahmed Salem Batmira, an Omani political analyst.
No, Ahmed the Iraqi minister of information must've been lying.
People across the Arab world clustered around TV sets everywhere they could to see the pictures of U.S. troops driving from one side of an Arab capital to the other, to their surprise almost without any resistance whatsoever.
"What the fuck happened to turning the Iraqi soil into hell beneath the infidel's feet?" they asked themselves.
An Egyptian newspaper Al Wafd refused to believe it even when they saw it with their own eyes. Instead, they ran a story on the front page which read "Iraqi and Arab fighters desperately try to defend Gomhuria Bridge that the invading armies are trying to use to reach the eastern bank of the Tigris and central Baghdad."
Nowhere in the entire story did Al Wafd say that U.S. troops had already taken Baghdad.
The other thing that fucked them up were the images of Iraqi citizens actually cheering while US soldiers toppled statues and other images of Saddam Hussein across the city.
"Why are they shaking hands and dancing with the invading foreign infidels?" they said to themselves.
The answer is simple. They obviously hated Saddam's guts. They might not like us but in a fight between one bully to another it must've been nice to see Saddam get his.
Crowds of Iraqi Americans were parading in the streets of Dearborn, Michigan waving American and Iraqi flags through the streets. Apparently it didn't last long before there was a confrontation between the 1500 jovial Iraqi-Americans and an Al-Jazeera news reporter on hand who didn't hide their displeasure at seeing these parading Iraqi-Americans. Dearborn Police had to restrain the angry crowd after the Al-Jazeera reporter allegedly called them "sellouts" for being happy that the evil American great Satan foreign invaders had removed Saddam from power.
That is what I call a text book definition of an impartial journalist.
In other words, because we (US) toppled Saddam's regime there is nothing to celebrate.
The fact that the Bush administration was involved brought along so many suspicions about ulterior motives that the fact that the Iraqi people might've actually wanted Saddam to be removed from power was lost on them.
Even Arabs that recognized Saddam as an oppressive dictator bought hook line and sinker that this was an unjust conflict brought on by foreign infidels who were only interested in Iraqi oil.
I guess "we are only in it for the Iraqi oil" still remains to be seen. However, the lack of terrorism both on American soil as well as toward American interests abroad does raise some interesting questions.
Maybe Saddam was such a piece of shit that many in the Muslim world didn't think he was worth killing themselves or anyone else over. Even the protests that we saw in India, Pakistan and Indonesia, when you take into consideration the amount of people that live in those countries was barely a blip on the radar suggesting that most people even in those countries didn't give a fuck about Saddam. Even a call from Osama Bin Laden himself didn't even inspire a single Al-Qaeda foot soldier to break a window at an US embassy.
And seeing that Saddam was such a pathological dictator could anyone really be all that surprised that when push came to shove that many of his men refused to give up their lives for him? I mean, if you need to setup snipers just to ensure that your soldiers fight and don't run for the hills at the first sign of a US tank that doesn't say much as to the loyalty that you command from the vast majority of your troops.
Some 5000 Syrian troops had driven into Baghdad to help Saddam's army defend his regime against the "Infidels from the west". I can only imagine what they must be thinking as they are sitting in our POW camps listening to the cheers of the Iraqi people, realizing that evidently they had driven all that fucking way just to help prop up a regime that the Iraqi people would probably wait in line just to piss on their graves.
Hadi Al-Baghdadi, a 42-year-old Iraqi living in Dearborn, Michigan said it best when he was asked for a suggestion for dealing with members of Saddam Hussein's ousted regime. "Don't kill them," he said. "Put them in cages in a zoo. And then we can use the admissions fees we would collect to rebuild Iraq."
A whole slew of Syrian volunteer do-gooders feel like donkey ass right about now.
Now all that is left is for the Bush administration to figure out how to fuck this up, prove al-Jazeera right, and fuck over the Iraqi people. Let's hope the people of Iraq win that coin toss.
same difference

If we go to War 800 missiles scheduled to hit Iraq in first 48 hours
...taking the war against terror to Saddam's front porch is like being punched by a bully after school and you retaliate by kicking his little sister.

America Orders 100,000 Body Bags
If you aren't going to kill Osama Bin Laden somebody at least cancel his AOL account for Christ's sakes. I am tired of reading about Osama Bin Laden sending his weekly e-mails to al-Jazeera talking shit.

Source: Wireless Flash
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