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Oversexed Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets A handful Of British Talk Hosts!
"I'm Juxtaposing" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

During his promotional visit to Britain this week Arnold Schwarzenegger groped Denise Van Outen on the Big Breakfast and behaved in a similarly oversexed and over here fashion with a clearly panicked Melanie Sykes on ITV's Celebrity.

The Sun in England newspaper reports that Sykes was chatting with Arnold when, as cameras rolled, he grabbed her around the waist.

She pushed his hand away, saying: "Get your hands off me - I'm scared."

I donít blame her. Any actor who excels at playing barbarians and robots and has trouble understanding English is not the kind of guy that I want to have to tell to get his hands off my ass.

Big Screen presenter Anna Richardson also claims that Arnold actually groped her breast during an interview for the show. She went to shake his hand, he pulled her on to his knee and said: "I want to know if your breasts are real." Arnold is a smoothie isnít he?

Anna says: "I told him they are an F-cup."

"Before I knew what was happening he circled my nipple with his finger and gave it a squeeze." He then said of her triple-D breasts: "Yeah, they are real," Richardson recalled.

Anna, 29, adds: "I was angry. I wanted to say 'you dirty bastard, "But you can't tell a powerful man like him to fuck off. He kept saying how fantastic I looked and staring at my [breasts]."

Marty Singer, Schwarzenegger's lawyer called all the complaints an "outrageous fabrication" by "people trying to get their 15 minutes of fame. Quite frankly, my client didn't do anything inappropriate."

Thank God for film. Look at the expression on his face. Look at her face. What you are looking at ladies and gentlemen is what Marty Singer likes to call an outrageous fabrication.

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