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Ohio OKs Creationism in Science Class
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of
The Ohio state school board has approved the adoption of a curriculum that allows the concept of "intelligent design" to be taught in science class.
"Intelligent Design" for those of you that might not know it by its fancy name is PC name for "creationism".
So creationism is being taught in science classes again. Great. I guess where I have the biggest problem is that they're teaching it in science. Shouldn't they be teaching "intelligent design" theory in history instead? Wouldn't it fit better right along with the lesson "when we used to think the world was flat", and "when we used to think the sun revolved around the earth"?
Science is the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena.
Religion is the best explanation you could come up with when someone has you on the spot and you don't want them to be able to go back and verify anything you've said.
I wonder if they also want to teach chemistry out of a Bible as well?
How about they teach the children in chemistry class that there is no periodic table? Everything in the world that we know of is made of a combination of four elements, Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water.
That's silly isn't?
This teaching religious ideas in public school sounds kinda Taliban to me. You see how far it got them.
The board voted unanimously in favor of the new standards which emphasize both evolution as well as a critical analysis of the theory.
"In no way does this advocate for creation or intelligent design," said Michael Cochran, a board member who had pushed for the concept to be included in the standards.
This isn't? I wonder if the Dearborn school board "suggested" that when the Dearborn, Michigan public schools (home to the largest population of Arabs outside of the Middle-East in the world) social studies classes discuss the 9-11 tragedy, they also give the Muslim fundamentalist point of view equal consideration how many conservatives would see that as advocating the al-Qaeda perspective?
Evidently this was sort of a "compromise" that the board members made between them and several conservative groups in Ohio that had tried to get biblical creation actually taught in the public schools on an equal level with Darwin's theory. This only makes the "this in no way advocates' creationism" comment even more bogus. Why would the Jesus Freaks compromise down to something that was "in no way" part of their agenda?
same difference

Teachers: God Told Us to Get Rid of Library Books
Much like a vampire can't come into a house without being invited; evidently the master of the universe, the first cause, the cosmic architect of all that exists can't come into a place that has questionable library books.

Source:  Associated Press
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"Raw" written by Nkrumah Shabazz Steward, creator,

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