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RAW DOGMA                                                                       written by Nkrumah Steward
Feuding neighbors End 6 year Feud With One Getting Hit With A Shovel. 
I don’t know if people actually mature emotionally. I think we just find other more creative ways of expressing ourselves. As children, our options are often limited as to what we can do when we are frustrated, jealous, angry, disappointed or what not so we just cry. As we get older we have more sophisticated things we can do like, file lawsuits, blackmail, publish pictures of your ex-wife to the newsgroups, spread nasty rumors, manipulate others into giving us what we want with sexual favors.
Unless being more creative is a sign of maturity the only difference in most of us from how we reacted to frustration as children is our age.
Timothy Dixon has feuded with his neighbor Rob Lewis for almost 5 years now.

It all began in late 1996 or early 1997 when Dixon called the police and complained of Lewis’s loud stereo.
Since then the bad blood between Dixon and Lewis has spilled over into both of their respective wives, children and even their friends.
Since 1997, police have fielded more than 100 calls involving the two families that only have a wall separating the two of them.
For two years, they took turns phoning police, one accusing the other of everything from name-calling to "staring".
Lewis’ stepson told police that Dixon’s son once shoved a ferret in his face.
Dixon complained that Lewis harassed him one night by dribbling a basketball outside his door until Dixon’s dog awoke barking.
When the barking stopped, Lewis started dribbling again.
Dixon also accused Lewis of ruining a barbecue by beating a large dusty rug with a broom just 15 feet from Dixon’s grill.
Dixon complained Lewis tried to run him off the road in a game of "chicken."
After the chicken incident Police tried to mediate the dispute in February 1999.
However, not two months later, Lewis complained that Dixon’s dog had urinated in his wife’s flower bed.
Each and every single thing they did to one another was worthy in and of itself of an ass kicking.
The day before Lewis was hit with the shovel, Dixon called police to complain about vandalism outside his home. Someone had squashed a banana on his door and set a fire on his sidewalk.
Something had to be done.
The shovel was near by it would have to do.
Instead of sending Dixon to jail for striking Lewis with the shovel the courts made a deal.
Dixon must move by May 1.
Don’t think it is over folks.
same difference

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