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RAW DOGMA                                                                       written by Nkrumah Steward
Damning Testimony; "We're not like y'all. If you swing in the jungle, you're going to get hurt."

Rae Carruth is on trial for allegedly hiring a hitman Van Brett Watkins to kill his then girlfriend Cherica Adam because she was pregnant and wouldn’t have an abortion. Carruth’s legal team insists that Watkins killed Cherica Adams all on his own, impulsively, you know just kinda got in the mood, swept away with the moment kind of thing. That their client Ray “How did my name get mixed up in this” Carruth had nothing to do with this gangland style hit.
Despite the fact that he fled when he was free on bail and the police found him hiding in the trunk of a car like a little bitch in North Carolina we have to keep an open mind and not saying that he is guilty until the 12 jurors get their 10 minuets to deliberate on this street punk, come back and send him to the electric chair.
I always wondered why she Cherica Adams got shot so many times in the throat head and shoulders and not in the chest and the belly. Watkins explained that by saying “He hired me to kill Cherica Adams and the baby. I couldn’t bring myself to kill the baby. I shot at the top [of the car], not through the door.”

When they asked Watkins about his violent past which is what Carruth’s lawyers initially did they got him to admit to a number of violent crimes, ranging from stabbing his older brother to pistol-whipping an Atlanta man.
     “All the people I seemed to have threatened I didn’t do nothing to them,” Watkins said.
     “I believe the guy you pistol-whipped might disagree with that,” Carruth’s lawyer quickly replied.
     “All those people lived the same lifestyle, in the jungle,” Watkins said, turning to the jury. “We’re not like y’all. If you swing in the jungle, you’re going to get hurt.”

Let’s ponder for a second on this admitted killers jungle analogy. Now, first off I am not blaming Ms. Adams for getting killed. However, I am going to take this opportunity to address what I feel is at least in part, an intricate component of the issue we have here. I find it very hard to believe that women have no idea whatsoever that they are fucking, dating, befriending, associating with, or shacking up with people from uh, how did he put it…the jungle?

This need women seem to have that attracts them to dangerous men often times comes back to bite them in the ass. Any man on this planet that has ever been told that they are “too nice” knows exactly what I am talking about. No asshole deals with virginity issues past the age of 13. While nice guys sometimes don’t get laid until their wedding nights shortly before they turn 35. All women go through this “phase” where they only want assholes and dangerous, downright scary bastards. Anyone that refers to his lifestyle as living a fucking jungle need not be considered for carnal knowledge activities.

Now just in case it is not clear to you I am NOT blaming her for getting murdered. But she was planning on having a child with a motherfucker that not only lived in the Jungle lifestyle but obviously had jungle hit men’s phone numbers on his speed dial. I am sure this is getting some of you women all wet and bothered just thinking about being with a man that pummels people into unconsciousness with his bare hands for scuffing up his Chuck Taylor’s but that little fantasy of yours that you have the magic pussy that will tame the savage beast needs a healthy does of existentialism.

I humbling suggesting to all of you women that are still occupying a physical existence with the rest of us do some serious soul searching before getting involved with your west coast-thug-life-gangster wanna-be punk asses in the world. I understand that you guys don’t want nice guys when you are 15 – 24 years old, you like the guy that is a bit dangerous but that is also how you get your asses kicked, your hair set on fire, and hit men pulling up beside you and putting bullets in your throat. And this isn’t a race thing; no race has a monopoly on domestic abuse, and violence. When Watkins said “we in the jungle” he was talking about a lifestyle. When you live like there are no rules, and you are in the fucking wild, you take the law in your own hands, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth environment it might look all glamorous on the outside but that is what Dr. Dre does for a living in his multi-million dollar mansion, he makes that lifestyle look glamorous to sell CDs. When you actually live it, you don’t live in a mansion on top of a hill, you live on less than 13,000 a year, with roaches, in a mobile home, or not a Co-operative but a Project (sounds a lot like experiment doesn’t it), your mother is only 11 years younger than your grandmother and they act more like sisters. No one knows who their fathers are, and by the way their mothers take in cock it could be anybody.
       Watkins insisted that when he told a detention officer that he hoped “the bitch dies.” He was referring to Carruth, not the dying Adams. He said he was angry because he felt Carruth wouldn’t take responsibility for his part in the shooting, and explained the gender discrepancy in the slur by saying “the insult doubles” if the word is aimed at a man.
     “[Carruth] didn’t stand up. I stood up for mine,” Watkins said, pointing his finger at the defendant. “He made me do it. It was Rae Carruth I was referring to.”

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