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RAW DOGMA                                                                       written by Nkrumah Steward
Mid east Issues Continue to Predictably Elude The Grasp of Middle America

"Afghanistan and Israel. Israel and Afghanistan. It's all the same to me," said Denise Fontus, 42, of Bunker Hill, W.Va. (pop 5,419).
There is a political saying here in America "how is it playing in Peoria?" which means "how is the issue being received in the heartland of America?"
Let's face it; in general, Americans are pretty simple. We are molded and groomed to be simple. The primary business goal in capitalism is to effectively control and manipulate the patterns of our consumption.
Well, in order to be most effective in convincing people to attach their own self-worth to products that they obtain you have to encourage the germination of a simple society. We need a society that will actually believe a product is quality just because "so-and-so" said so. We need a society that will purchase a product simply because you manage to insert your jingle into the collective consciousness of America.
That is why elections are won and lost on the size of your war chest not on the policy that you support.
We have trained ourselves into believing that everything we need to know about a product can be done in 30 seconds.
That has bled over into a belief that that everything they need to know about anything can be summed up in a 30 second sound bite.
I am waiting on the day that someone takes me into their study see their library and I find not a single book, just magazine subscriptions, mountains of cliff notes and books on CD.
Critical thinking is an exercise in identifying and weighing the gravity of the subtleties of any particular subject.
Unfortunately, far too many Americans have the attitude that if something is "subtle" then by nature it is insignificant, when the harsh reality is that those subtle differences are the most significant details to understand.
Remember 99% of our entire DNA is indistinguishable from everyone else on the planet. It is that remaining 1% that distinguishes us as individuals.

After September 11th there aren't many people in middle America that don't have tattered American flags waving at their places of business or on the front porches of their homes.

They would tell you that they would proudly send their children off to fight in a place that they couldn't even find on a map, over a conflict that they barely grasp.
Only about 2 percent of Americans are Jewish or Muslim so chances of someone in Middle America meeting someone that isn't a Methodist, Baptist or Presbyterian is pretty slim. When asked to reflect on how he feels about the middle-east Denny Sisk, a used car salesman in Bunker Hill W.Va who has proudly waved his American flag ever since September 12 says "I think about those people in New York ... and the lives and the jobs lost."
People who want to dismiss the image of the typical American ignoramus explain that the reason Americans have a difficult time distinguishing Islamabad and Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Kabul, the West Bank and Afghanistan, is that the headlines bleed together.
I could see that being the case if we knew the particulars but where just getting them confused. I could see it if someone thought that Ariel Sharon was very instrumental in finding the killers of Daniel Pearle. But these people don't even know who Ariel Sharon is.
"Personally, as a Christian, it's affecting me," said Sabrina Massie, 48, the director of a Bunker Hill day care center. "I see signs from the Bible in it. Religious warfare. People holed up in Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity, renowned as Jesus' birthplace. These are all signs."
That would be an interesting take on it all if this was a religious war but this conflict isn't about religion, the issue at hand here is land not idolatry and sacrificing livestock.
No matter what you tell them evidently they are convinced in Middle America that this is a war against Islam. It's the good Christians verses the evil heathen Towel Heads.
But not all of them think that this religious war stops there. Some people in middle-America think we are not just in a "religious war" we are in a drug war. Evidently a growing number of Americans people believe that we are fighting in Afghanistan because we want to blow up the poppy seed fields. That our real mission is to cut Afghanistan heroine from reaching our streets and poisoning our children here in America.
Wrong again. We don't get our heroine from Afghanistan.
However, the worst by far in my opinion are those who think that Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine, and Pakistan are all the same place.
They think that the Palestinian Israeli conflict goes back thousands of years.
Wrong again.
Try 1948.

Actual E-mail*
We are defending Israel you swine because they are the ONLY democratic country is that dung pile we call the Middle East. The rest of those Arab fucks are truly pieces of shit who deserve what they have coming to them.
Obviously you don't believe in God or the Bible...that's your right...but know your history before you spew your garbage. The Arabs will stop fighting with the Jews when they LOVE their children MORE than they hate the Jews...think about that for a minute...if possible. I don't see Jewish children being sacrificed for any cause by their parents...the Arabs are fucked and that's why they wallow in their own bed of misery....they made it.

Tom Valdez

Welcome to my life.

same difference

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Source:Detroit News
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