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RAW DOGMA                                                                       written by Nkrumah Steward
Ariel Sharon and The Rash of Suicide Bombings Are They Connected?
Could this be 1982 all over again?
Israeli troops made their way down the narrow streets bulldozing down rows of houses that blocked their armored cars.
Minister Yasser Abed Rabbo, have talked about mass killings of civilians. Palestinian men gave journalists a tour of the wreckage and said they had heard rumors that bodies were buried in mass graves, but did not know where they were.
Palestinians booby trapped every place they thought Israeli troops wouldn't expect to find them - doorways, sewers, even in baby strollers. In the end 23 Israeli soldiers had died.
Apparently all of the concrete in the camps had been chewed up by the tanks and armored personnel carriers. Huge holes are in most of the buildings from rockets.
Electrical poles and phone lines were crushed. Live electrical wires slithered like snakes in the streets. Windows were shattered from the concussion of repeated explosions.
It sounds like 1982 all over again to me.
To quote Ariel Sharon's assassinated Tourism Minister, "I am willing to scorch the earth to remove the Palestinians from Israel."
Evidently so is Ariel Sharon.
In the latest issue of Time Magazine it shows the recent history of suicide bombings in Israel by militant Palestinians.
There have been 67 in the last two years since Ariel Sharon took power in Israel.
Prior to his administration taking office there were only 38 from 1993 - 2000.
This is the break down.
In 1998 there were 2 all year. In 1999 there were 0. In 2000 there were 4. Most of those suicide bombings were blamed on Palestinian fundamentalist groups like Hamas that were trying to toss the peace negotiations off track.
Now we get to 2001 when Ariel Sharon takes office and there were 36 in 12 months. Already only four months into the year in 2002 there have been 30 by the time of this article.
We're only in April. This is no coincidence.
What was different in 1999? The Palestinians still didn't have their own sovereign country. The same stipulations were on the table that has been holding up the peace process since the Clinton Administration.
Arafat can have his own country on the condition that he can't form his own army, he can't make treaties with other nations, and Jerusalem can't be the capital of Palestine.
So what changed?
I have said all along that this is Sharon's game. He now finally has the power to do what he has always intended on doing and that is seeing the annihilation of Palestine altogether. His plan apparently is fool proof.
Here is the game plan.
Sharon humiliates the Palestinians by refusing to honor any agreements Israel had with the Palestinians prior to him taking office without exception.
He knows that this will not doubt lead to extremist factions within the West Bank and Gaza Strip to attack Israeli citizens giving him essentially a blank check to wipe them out.
24. Blue 52. Hut! hut! Hike!
Last night the Israeli army rounded up 4,187 Palestinian men into a refugee camp. By morning Brigadier General Ron Kitrey that hundreds of Palestinians had been killed in Jenin in the middle of the night.
The Israeli army admitted responsibility for the killings, hours before US Secretary of State Colin Powell is due to meet Israeli premier Ariel Sharon.
When Sharon's meeting was finished he had refused to give a time when he was going to withdrawal his troops.
This is just crazy to me. How come Israel feels confident that they can ignore us like we are their bitch? How can that be?
Well Jews only make up 2% of the total American population yet they enjoy the fourth most influential lobby group The American Israel Public Affairs Committee in the country under the Bush administration according to Fortune Magazine.
Their slogan is America's Pro-Israel Lobby.
The only groups with more influence with this administration are the National Rifle Association, the Association of American Retired Persons, and National Federation of Independent Business.
Now I am pretty sure that more than 2% of the American population legally own guns.
I am sure that more than 2% of the American population is retired persons.
I am also pretty sure that more than 2% of the population of this country owns a small business.
To only make up 2% of the country and to hold such a considerable amount of weight within this administration should be applauded.
They know how to organize and get their issues addressed. They work the system better than anyone else.
Think that might have something to do with how we formulate our foreign policy towards Israel?
You don't see Jews marching the streets do you? You see them marching in the voting booth.
This is democracy at its best. A politician only works for those who put him/her in office. They don't give a damn about the interests of anyone that didn't support their campaign. Most Americans understand that his/her vote alone doesn't amount to shit. That is why there is so much political apathy within our society. The trick is to get everyone with shared interests to vote in blocks. Then suddenly your vote becomes 1,000 or even a million. One million votes all going in one direction over an interest as small as "American citizenship for household pets" would literally be the difference in any national election in any region of the country if you could get organized. If marijuana smokers could organize themselves (ha ha ha) and vote as a block they could have marijuana legalized within the calendar year.
Remember, despite what we would like to think about ourselves this is not a country of values and morals. This is a country of dollars and cents and the illusion of general consensus.
same difference

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Mark my words. Every single conflict, bar none that you will see anywhere in the world for the remainder of your lifetime will be called a war against "terror"

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If they are lucky they end up with a son named Timothy, to go along with their daughter Corinthians and their two other sons, Romans and Deuteronomy.

Source:Associated Press
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