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RAW DOGMA                                                                       written by Nkrumah Steward
When you side with someone you inherit their enemies
The United States foreign policy is so transparent regarding what we see as the future of the middle east it's embarrassing.

Now that the good old folks in Peoria are paying a lot closer attention to world events, the United States seems to be putting more effort into not looking so shamelessly biased towards Israel.

The United States voted along with 13 other nations in a 14-0 vote of the UN Security council to demand that Israel leave all Palestinian cities, including Ramallah, where as I write this, Yasser Arafat is getting his headquarters shelled. Apparently, this is pretty out of the ordinary for the United States to even attend UN security council meetings on matters that concern Israel. It has been our policy to either abstain or veto any and all council measures critical of Israel in the past.
Yeah, we're not biased.

How the fuck can we sit here and honestly believe our government has been trying to fairly and justly conciliate for peace in the Middle East when we are so fucking in bed with the Israeli government that we won't even vote in U.N. Security Council matters that are critical of their actions?

Since when has the Israeli government been inculpable?

Has enough time elapsed yet since September 11 for you to feel comfortable discussing the reasons we were targeted by these "evil doers"?
Personally, I refuse to let some politician dismiss critical discussion into our policies in that region by simply claiming that there is no "moral equivalent" for September 11th.

No, shit there isn't any moral equivalent to September 11th but that doesn't come close to ending the conversation because the purpose of looking into our foreign policy wasn't about establishing a "moral justification", it is about opening your eyes to the fact that the United States was targeted for attack as a direct result of our policies in the region.
When you side with someone you inherit their enemies. How many times do I have to say that? When you side with someone you inherit their enemies.
The question is this; is maintaining our persevering endorsement of Israel worth the cost of living under the constant threat of Anthrax, jumbo planes flying into skyscrapers, and suicide bombers detonating themselves in front of bus stations?
That is what this boils down to.
When reporters asked Dubya whether Israel's seizure of the Arafat compound was justified, he said: "Israel is a democratically elected government, and the government is responding to the will of the people for there to be more security."
That wasn't the fucking question Mr. President. The question was is it justified.
Is it just me or was Dubya's answer a little insight as to why we are doomed to be the shamelessly hypocritical two-faced cunts our foreign policy seems to reflect that we are.
Anything is justified as long as it is the will of the people carried out by a "democratically" elected government? Is that what I am supposed to take from his statement?
This was eerily reminiscent of when he was governor of Texas and he had to decide whether or not to commute a death sentence for Karla Tucker. He said that he had a long talk with God the night before and that he felt confident that God wanted him to abide by the laws of the Great State of Texas which was to let her die.
Just for the record: God doesn't give a fuck about Texas, you idiot.
"Right" or "wrong" if there is such a thing, is not, should not, and cannot be decided by the popular vote.
And if it was so, that right or wrong could be decided by the will of the people, then Dubya needs to drop all that "God guides my life" shit because God's laws are based on Deontological principles.
or wrong for God isn't decided by a God damn Gallup poll.
It cannot be defended that we aren't in bed with the Israelis. Therefore it should not be of any surprise to anyone that we have inherited their enemies. The actions of Ariel Sharon and our defense of his actions make us one in the same.
same difference

Polls Say: Islamic Nations Resent U.S. Are We Ready To Find Out Why?
What I fear is that it may just be a combination of things that neither side wants to address.

Sharon Says He Regrets Promise Not to Harm Arafat
Who The Fuck Does He Think He Is?

Source: Rueters
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